Microsoft LicensingTraining

Our two-day Microsoft Licensing Boot Camps are the fastest way to get up to speed on Microsoft licensing. Our independent licensing experts teach you how to intelligently evaluate your Microsoft licensing options.

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Microsoft Product Roadmaps

Microsoft technologies never stop changing. Our roadmaps put critical facts about current and future versions of 100+ Microsoft enterprise products and services at your fingertips.

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Microsoft Licensing Guides

Our library of unbiased and easy-to-understand guides to Microsoft licensing is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make informed Microsoft licensing decisions.

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About Directions on Microsoft

Directions on Microsoft is an independent source of information for organizations that need clarity about Microsoft technologies, strategies, product roadmaps, and licensing policies. Our driving ethic is to provide actionable information that is clear, complete, and free of marketing hype. Learn More »

Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp

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MSDN Licensing Guide

licensing_cover_msdn.jpg This report outlines the different editions of MSDN and their costs, licensing rules, and MSDN administration guidelines that may minimize the likelihood that a license compliance check will result in significant work disruption or licensing shortfall.
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