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Dynamics AX 2012 License Model

August 20, 2012
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Dynamics AX 2012 follows a server—Client Access License (CAL) license model similar to that of Windows Server, Exchange Server, and other Microsoft server products: Each server requires a server license, and each client user or device requires a CAL. Dynamics AX CALs are organized into four levels, as shown here.

The CAL level required depends on which of the over 10,000 basic Dynamics AX functions (menu items) that the client requires. Most accounting functions, customization, and business management operations require the Enterprise CAL, while at the other end of the spectrum users who perform very limited data entry, such as entering personal expense reports, can be licensed with a Self Serve CAL. Note that at its launch in Aug. 2011, Dynamics AX 2012 had four levels of user CALs and two levels of device CALs; as of Sept. 1, 2012, the same four levels of CALs will be available for both users and devices.

External users—customers, vendors, and some types of contractors—may generally access any Dynamics AX function without client licenses. This differs from Windows Server and many other Microsoft products, which generally require client licenses for external users but offer special license options (such as External Connector licenses) for them.

List prices (quantity one) will typically run US$6,000 for a server license and between US$100 and US$4,000 for each client license, with substantial discounts available based on purchase volume and other factors.