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Identity Manager

A Windows Server-based directory synchronization and user credential management product that replaced Forefront Identity Manager; licensed on a Per-User basis with an Identity Manager CAL (Client Access License).

Industry device

A highly specialized computing device used solely to run specific industry or task-specific software; definition impacts EA customers’ Enterprise Enrollment purchase commitments.


To make a product ready to use by running the associated setup procedure or duplicating an existing installed copy.


Most often used to describe software that is loaded into memory and either executing or ready for execution.

Internal User

An individual who is an employee of the licensed organization or a contractor or agent working on the organization’s physical premises.


An online service that provides antimalware, hardware and software inventory tracking, health monitoring, software updating, and policy management for mobile devices, Windows 10 PCs, and Apple Macs; licensed primarily via User SLs (Subscription Licenses).