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Members Use Rights

Directions on Microsoft (DOM) content is for the sole use of our members. Members are expressly prohibited from sharing their username and password or replicating and redistributing DOM content, in part or in its entirety, for use by others internal or external to their organization.

Members may request, on a limited basis, written permission to use excerpts of DOM content for consulting, support, or employee education. The intent of such permission is to enable members to incorporate, attach, or enclose excerpts from DOM in documents or communications they provide to their customers, associates, personnel, and suppliers while protecting DOM’s copyright.

Permission to excerpt DOM content must be granted by DOM in writing. Any time an excerpt of DOM content is used, DOM must be attributed in the same context that the excerpt appears as follows: “Excerpted by permission from Directions on Microsoft: www.DirectionsOnMicrosoft.com.” Use of excerpts without written permission and proper attribution is expressly prohibited and would be a direct violation of DOM’s copyright.

To request permission for an excerpt, please email service@DirectionsOnMicrosoft.com

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