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Identity Management Landscape
Report by: Wes Miller
Posted: November 2016
The emphasis of Microsoft's identity management technologies moving forward is increasingly focused on user management and mobility, delivered through hosted services
Organizations using Microsoft's Active Directory Domain Services need to understand the difference between Active Directory and Microsoft's hosted Azure Active Directory
Organizations using Microsoft's hosted services, including Office 365, Intune, and Azure, should integrate Azure Active Directory with their on-premises directory to coordinate management and simplify sign-on for users
Active Directory Federation Services received updates in Windows Server 2016 to enable easier federation and conditional access controls
Azure Active Directory provides services to help enterprises manage identity and application access
Azure Active Directory Identity Protection offers administrator oversight into use and loss of credentials
Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a hosted service providing two-factor authentication for increased security with enterprise applications and services
Assessment of the currently available options for setting up an Azure Active Directory infrastructure, a prerequisite for most Microsoft online services
Organizations should take steps to ensure oversight of their Azure Active Directory tenancies that would otherwise be unmanaged
A Microsoft account is needed to sign in to some Microsoft services, but it may also control access to key corporate IT services
Azure Active Directory Domain Services offers most on-premises AD functionality for use within Azure
New Azure AD APIs add single sign-on support from Azure AD to third party or line-of-business applications, making authentication easier and more seamless for users
Azure AD Business to Consumer Basic allows organizations to offer integration with major identity providers and identity management as a service
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