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Azure Roadmap

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Advisor Roadmap for Azure Advisor
Analytics Azure offers several services that help process large data sets (Big Data) and extract information for reporting and analytic applications.
Analytics Services Dates Timeline for Azure Analytics services.
API Apps Roadmap for Azure API Apps.
API Management Roadmap for Azure API Management.
App Service Discussion of Azure App Service.
Application Insights Service Profiler Application Insights Service Profiler screen shots
Application Integration Azure can act as an intermediary between applications deployed on-premises or elsewhere outside of Azure.
Application Integration Services Dates Timeline for Azure application integration services.
Automation Roadmap for Azure Automation.
Azure Analysis Services Roadmap for Azure Analysis Services.
Azure API Management Developer Portal and Analytics Screen shots of the Azure API Management portal.
Azure Data Catalog Registration Illustration shows the data source registration process for Azure Data Catalog.
Azure Data Catalog Search Illustration shows the data search process for Azure Data Catalog.
Azure Data Factory Components Illustration shows components used by Azure Data Factory.
Azure Database for MariaDB Roadmap for Azure Database for MariaDB.
Azure Database for MySQL Roadmap for Azure Database for MySQL.
Azure Database for PostgreSQL Roadmap for Azure Database for PostgreSQL.
Azure Database Migration Service Roadmap for Azure Database Migration Service.
Azure Deployment Hierarchy Azure Deployment Hierarchy
Azure Enterprise Hierarchy Examples Illustration of example Azure hierarchies.
Azure Geographical Hierarchy Azure Geographical Hierarchy
Azure Items Not in This Roadmap Some Azure-branded offerings are not covered in this Roadmap.
Azure Job Scheduling Solutions Chart lists Azure services for running batch jobs.
Azure Mobile App Roadmap for Azure Mobile App.
Azure Mobile App Illustration Screen shot of Azure Mobile App.
Azure Network and Caching for a Web Application An example scenario of a web application that makes use of several Azure Virtual Networking services.
Azure Pack Roadmap for Azure Pack.
Azure Portal Roadmap for the Azure portal.
Azure Portal Illustration Screen shot of the Azure portal.
Azure Resource Manager Roadmap for Azure Resource Manager.
Azure Roadmap Introduction Azure has evolved substantially since it became commercially available, and recent additions and enhancements show trends in areas where organizations could find opportunities to build new or improve existing solutions.
Azure Roadmap Summary The Azure Roadmap provides an overview of Azure services for applications, storage, and other systems.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse Roadmap for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
Azure SQL Database Roadmap for Azure SQL Database.
Azure Stack Roadmap for Azure Stack.
Azure Stack Architecture Illustration of Azure Stack architecture.
Azure Storage Roadmap for Azure Storage.
Azure Technical Support Options for Enterprises Customers can purchase several levels of Azure technical support from Microsoft, in addition to Premier and Unified Support.
Azure Terminology General Azure terminology
Azure Virtual Machines Roadmap for Azure Virtual Machines.
Azure's Evolution Azure has evolved substantially since it first became commercially available in Feb. 2010.
Backup Roadmap for Azure Backup.
Batch Roadmap for Azure Batch.
Blockchain Services Roadmap for Azure Blockchain Services.
Bot Service Roadmap for Azure Bot Service.
Cloud Services Roadmap for Azure Cloud Services.
Cloud Shell Roadmap for Azure Cloud Shell.
Cloud Shell Illustration Screen shot of Azure Cloud Shell.
Cognitive Services Roadmap for Cognitive Services.
Comparing Database Offerings The chart compares Microsoft’s on-premises and hosted database offerings.
Comparing SQL Server Features On-Premises with Azure Offerings Chart compares features of SQL Server on-premises and Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Date Warehouse.
Comparison of Azure Paid Support Plans Microsoft offers four levels of paid Azure support in addition to the free account management services offered to all Azure customers.
Compute and Networking Azure includes IaaS and PaaS offerings for application workloads running on VMs.
Compute and Networking Services Dates Timeline for Azure Compute and Networking services.
Container Instances Azure Container Instances enables rapid deployment of containers without having to manage container host infrastructure.
Container Service Roadmap for Azure Container Service.
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Roadmap for Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN), which caches Azure customer data on a network of servers around the world and performs other optimizations to speed access.
Cosmos DB Roadmap for Azure Cosmos DB (formerly DocumentDB).
Cost Management Azure Cost Management
Cost Management Tools Azure Cost Management Tools
Data Box Roadmap for Azure Data Box.
Data Catalog Roadmap for Azure Data Catalog.
Data Factory Roadmap for Azure Data Factory.
Data Lake Roadmap for Azure Data Lake.
Data Lake Analytics Roadmap for Azure Data Lake Analytics.
Data Storage and Access Azure offers several database management and data storage options that can be used with applications hosted on Azure and elsewhere.
Data Storage and Access Services Dates Timeline for Azure Data Storage and Access services.
Databricks Roadmap for Azure Databricks.
DevTest Labs Roadmap for Azure DevTest Labs.
Enterprise Azure Portal Roadmap for the Enterprise Azure portal.
Enterprise Azure Portal Illustration Screen shot of the Enterprise Azure portal.
Event Grid Roadmap for Azure Event Grid.
Event Hubs Roadmap for Azure Event Hubs.
Event Hubs in Event Data Flow Illustration of event data flow through Azure Event Hubs.
Executive Considerations for Azure Adoption Executive Considerations for Azure Adoption
FastTrack for Azure Roadmap for FastTrack for Azure.
Functions Roadmap for Azure Functions.
HDInsight Roadmap for Azure HDInsight.
Import Export Roadmap for Azure Import Export.
IoT Edge Roadmap for Azure IoT Edge.
IoT Hub Roadmap for Azure IoT Hub.
IoT Suite Roadmap for Azure IoT Suite.
IoT Suite Sample Solutions Screen shots of Azure IoT Suite sample solutions.
Key Vault Roadmap for Azure Key Vault.
Location Based Services Azure Location Based Services
Log Analytics Roadmap for Azure Log Analytics.
Logic Apps Roadmap for Azure Logic Apps.
Machine Learning Roadmap for Azure Machine Learning.
Machine Learning Studio Screen shot of Azure Machine Learning Studio tool.
Machine Learning Workbench Azure Machine Learning Workbench
Management and Backup Azure services can assist and enhance on-premises IT operations in areas such as disaster recovery and job automation.
Management and Backup Services Dates Timeline for Azure Management and Backup services.
Media Services Roadmap for Azure Media Services.
Microsoft AI Platform Roadmap for Microsoft AI Platform
Migrate Azure Migrate is a service that helps customers inventory and assess on-premises VMware VMs for migration to Azure.
Mobile Apps Roadmap for Azure Mobile Apps.
Mobile Engagement Roadmap for Azure Mobile Engagement.
Monitor Roadmap for Azure Monitor.
On-Premises Azure Software packages that provide infrastructure similar or equivalent to Microsoft-hosted Azure are offered by the company.
On-Premises Azure Dates Timeline for On-Premises Azure software.
Operations Management Suite Roadmap for Operations Management Suite.
Other Integration Options Microsoft technologies that might replace or be combined with Azure Logic Apps for application integration projects.
Policy Roadmap for Azure Policy.
Production Use of Microsoft Server Applications in Azure Virtual Machines Production Use of Microsoft Server Applications in Azure Virtual Machines.
Redis Cache Roadmap for Redis Cache
Scheduler Roadmap for Azure Scheduler.
Search Roadmap for Azure Search.
Security Center Roadmap for Azure Security Center.
Service Bus Roadmap for Azure Service Bus.
Service Fabric Roadmap for Azure Service Fabric.
Site Recovery Roadmap for Azure Site Recovery.
SQL Server Stretch Database Roadmap for Azure SQL Server Stretch Database.
StorSimple Roadmap for StorSimple
StorSimple On-Premises Hardware Roadmap for StorSimple.
Stream Analytics Roadmap for Azure Stream Analytics.
Stream Analytics in Event Data Flow Illustration of data flow through Azure Stream Analytics.
Time Series Insights Roadmap for Azure Time Series Insights.
Understanding Docker Containers Overview of Docker container technology.
Virtual Networking Roadmap for Azure Virtual Networking.
Visual Studio App Center and Application Insights Roadmap for Visual Studio App Center and Application Insights.
Visual Studio App Center Portal Screen shots of Visual Studio App Center Portal.
Web and Mobile Azure offers several options for hosting Web sites and services.
Web and Mobile Services Dates Timeline for Azure Web and Mobile services.
Web Apps Roadmap for Azure Web Apps.
Windows Server Roles in Azure Virtual Machines Roadmap for Azure Virtual Machines.