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Microsoft 365 Roadmap

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Administration (Office 365) Overview of Office 365 administration options.
Advanced Compliance (Office 365) Advanced Compliance packages data governance, eDiscovery, and control over Microsoft’s access to stored data into a single service offering.
Advanced Threat Protection (Office 365) Roadmap for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, which performs additional filtering of mail that has been filtered by Exchange Online Protection. and addresses some types of threats in documents outside of e-mail.
Azure Active Directory Roadmap for Azure Active Directory (AAD, sometimes called Azure AD), which is a Microsoft-hosted directory service that provides identity and access management for Office 365, Intune, and other online services.
Azure Advanced Threat Protection Roadmap for Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP), a Microsoft-hosted service that captures, parses, and analyzes traffic of key unencrypted network protocols. It examines authentication, authorization, and other activities for indicators of potentially suspicious behavior by a user or on a device within an organization.
Azure Information Protection Roadmap for Azure Information Protection (AIP), which is a Microsoft-hosted service that allows organizations to discover, classify, and protect (encrypt) sensitive data to comply with confidentiality, privacy, and disclosure policies and regulations. AIP uses Azure Rights Management (Azure RM, previously called Azure RMS) to encrypt and manage decryption of protected data.
Broad Support Changes Begin in 2020 Timeline shows anticipated release and retirement dates of key Office desktop, Windows client and server OS versions, and other server software for enterprises.
Cloud App Security Roadmap for Cloud App Security (CAS), often referred to as Microsoft CAS, which is a Microsoft-hosted service that is part of the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite of hosted services. It is designed to help customers discover how third-party cloud applications are being used within their business and potentially control cloud application usage. A reduced functionality edition of CAS, Office 365 CAS, is available with premium-tier subscriptions to Office 365.
Collaboration Services and Likely Future Investment Chart shows Microsoft technologies for long-lived collaboration spaces with Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft development efforts.
Collaboration Services Roadmap Many collaboration features of Office 365 are being replaced or enhanced by functionality based on Office 365 Groups.
Compliance Standards (Office 365) Customers may need to work with Microsoft to assess their information security and privacy rights and limitations under multitenant deployments of Office 365.
Delve and Office Graph Roadmap for Delve and Office Graph, the Office 365 search and discovery technologies.
Dynamics 365 Roadmap summary for Dynamics 365 software, which provides customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for large organizations.
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Roadmap for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online, a Microsoft-hosted service for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management that used to be called Dynamics CRM Online.
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Timeline Timeline shows current and upcoming versions of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online.
Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) Roadmap summary for Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX), previously called Dynamics AX, which provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) for large organizations.
Dynamics 365 Talent Roadmap for the Dynamics 365 Talent hosted service, which offers employee recruitment, onboarding, and performance tracking.
Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Online Roadmap for the Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations Microsoft-hosted service, which offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) for multinational midmarket companies and enterprises using the software previously called Dynamics AX.
Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Online Timeline Illustration shows releases and retirements for versions of Dynamics 365 Operations Online, the successor to Dynamics AX.
Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Roadmap for the Enterprise Mobility + Security suites of subscription services, which include Premium editions of Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, as well as Intune and Cloud App Security.
Exchange and Outlook Roadmaps for Exchange & Outlook software.
Exchange Hosted Services Summary of Microsoft-hosted e-mail security and archiving services for Exchange Online and Exchange Server on-premises.
Exchange Message Encryption Options Illustration summarizes Microsoft options for Exchange message encryption.
Exchange Online Roadmap for Exchange Online, a Microsoft-hosted messaging and collaboration service that shares technology with the Exchange Server software.
Exchange Online Archiving Roadmap for Exchange Online Archiving, a Microsoft-hosted service that archives user mailboxes from Exchange Online or Exchange Server.
Exchange Online Protection Roadmap for Exchange Online Protection, a Microsoft-hosted online service that filters incoming and outgoing e-mail for malware and spam and performs other filtering and routing tasks.
Exchange Online Unified Messaging Retiring Exchange Online Unified Messaging is being retired and replaced by a Microsoft-hosted service called Cloud Voicemail.
FastTrack and Import Service Roadmap for Microsoft FastTrack, a migration support offering, and the Office 365 Import Service for moving large sets of data to Microsoft-hosted services.
How Teams Works Illustration shows a screen shot of Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 service that offers threaded chats and other information from Office 365 Groups in a tabbed interface.
InfoPath and SharePoint Designer Discontinued The InfoPath forms application and SharePoint Designer customization tool have been deprecated but will be supported on SharePoint Server 2016 until 2026.
Intune Intune (officially named Microsoft Intune) is a Microsoft-hosted service that provides mobile device management (MDM) and application management for all major mobile device platforms, as well as Windows 10 and macOS. A limited form of MDM based on Intune is included with Office 365.
Message Encryption (Office 365) Roadmap for Office 365 Message Encryption, a Microsoft-hosted service that automatically encrypts e-mail messages based on organization-defined rules.
Microsoft 365 Roadmap Roadmaps for Microsoft 365 software and services.
MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics Roadmap for MyAnalytics and WorkPlace Analytics, hosted Office 365 services that use data collected from Office 365 users to provide time management, employee productivity, and cross-team interaction reports.
New Project Architecture Illustration shows new Project components that will eventually replace the current Project Online.
Office 365 Feature Shutdowns Chart lists some features of Office 365 services that will be shut down later than originally planned.
Office 365 Groups Roadmap for Office 365 Groups, a service that serves as the underpinning of collaboration services in Office 365.
Office 365 ProPlus Roadmap for Office 365 ProPlus, a suite of Office applications sold on a Per-User subscription basis.
Office and Visio Roadmaps for Office and Visio software.
Office Online Roadmap for Office Online, Microsoft-hosted Web applications that enable viewing and limited editing of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word documents in a browser.
Office Timeline Timeline shows upcoming version releases and support retirements for Office 365 ProPlus, Office Standard, and Office Professional Plus suites.
OneDrive for Business Roadmap for OneDrive for Business, a Microsoft-hosted file storage service and associated client synchronization engine.
Other Office 365 Services Roadmap for several business applications aimed at small organizations but available in Office 365 Enterprise plans.
Planner Roadmap for Microsoft Planner, a Microsoft-hosted, lightweight task-management tool that can help organize and track small projects, such as departmental initiatives.
Planner Overview Illustration shows Microsoft Planner, a Microsoft-hosted, lightweight task-management tool.
Power BI Roadmap for Power BI, Microsoft’s family of business intelligence offerings that include online and on-premises components.
PowerApps and Flow Two Microsoft offerings, PowerApps and Flow, provide application design, site customization, and workflow automation.
Project and Portfolio Management Roadmap for software and online services for project management and project portfolio management.
Project Client Summary Roadmap summary for client software used with Project Server and Project Online.
Project Online Roadmap for Project Online, a Microsoft-hosted service that provides project and portfolio management features based on the Project Server software; accessed through Project Professional desktop client, mobile apps, and Web client.
Security & Compliance Center Portal Roadmap for the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, which hosts documentation and tools that may help an organization address compliance and regulatory requirements.
SharePoint Online Roadmap for SharePoint Online, a hosted Office 365 service that delivers team collaboration, corporate portal hosting, enterprise search, and content management.
SharePoint, OneDrive, & Related Technologies Roadmap for SharePoint Server and related Web collaboration software and features.
SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office DLP Data loss prevention works with Microsoft-hosted OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online documents and is enabled in some Office 2016 applications.
Skype for Business Online Roadmap for Skype for Business Online, a Microsoft-hosted unified communication solution that provides chat, voice, video, and telephony services and shares technology with the Skype for Business Server software.
Skype for Business Online, Teams, and Yammer Roadmap for products that provide presence, chat and other forms of group communication.
Skype Meeting Broadcast Skype Meeting Broadcast enables online presentations including up to 10,000 attendees, many more than Skype for Business Online or Teams meetings.
Stream and Video Roadmap for Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video, Microsoft-hosted services for viewing, sharing, discussing, and discovering an organization's video content.
Support Policy Summary Outline of Microsoft support life-cycle policies, which define how Microsoft software and services are eligible for help desk assistance and other product support from the company, how long support is provided, and what customers must do to qualify for that support.
Systems Management and Security Roadmap for systems management and security technologies in Office 365.
Teams Roadmap for Microsoft Teams, an Office 365 service for organizations that offers group-based collaboration spaces with persistent chat, integrated access to several Office 365 services, access to telephony services, and connections to many third-party services.
Telephony Services for Skype for Business Online and Teams Roadmap for Telephony Services for Skype for Business Online and Teams, which allow organizations to receive and place external calls on public switched telephone networks (PSTN) from within Skype for Business Online or Teams.
Threat Intelligence (Office 365) Roadmap for Threat Intelligence, an Office 365 console and tool set for investigating and responding to possible security threats.
To-Do Roadmap for To-Do, a Microsoft-hosted, personal task management application, available in most Office 365 plans.
Visio Roadmap for Visio software, which enables users to create and share business and technical diagrams.
Windows 10 Roadmap for Windows 10, the latest major version of the Windows client OS for laptop, desktop, and tablet devices.
Windows 10 Timeline Timeline for releases of Windows 10, the latest major version of the Windows client OS for laptop, desktop, and tablet devices
Windows and Office Supportability Matrix Chart shows the current end-of-support dates for combinations of Office and Windows versions
Yammer Roadmap for Yammer, a Microsoft-hosted social networking service for organizations that offers collaboration spaces with groups, conversations, and data sharing.