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Below you'll find selected samples of Directions on Microsoft licensing guides, research reports, and webinars. See for yourself how our research and analysis helps you cut through the marketing hype that surrounds Microsoft so you can focus your attention on information that really matters.

Sample Webinars

Reports Demo

June 30, 2017
This webinar shows you how to use the Reports area of the DOM portal to quickly get up-to-speed on new Microsoft technologies and services.

Enterprise Roadmap Demo

June 30, 2017
This webinar shows you to use DOM to build your organization’s Microsoft IT roadmap.

Licensing Reference Set Demo

June 30, 2017
This webinar shows you how to use the Microsoft Licensing Reference Set to quickly find definitive answers to your Microsoft licensing questions.

Understanding Microsoft's Desktop Servicing Policies (May 2017)

June 7, 2017
This webinar discusses new semi-annual channel-based release and servicing policies for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus that organizations must understand to adequately plan for, test, deploy and secure their Microsoft desktops.

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