Applied AI Services

New features in Azure Cognitive Services Video Indexing service may cause concerns with possible violations of individual privacy.

Cognitive Services and AI Applied Services are collections of prebuilt AI components that help speed development, compared to building capabilities manually.

Azure Cognitive Services, a collection of machine learning cloud services, is removing some facial recognition features and restricting access to other features to support Microsoft’s responsible AI initiative.

Screenshots show how Microsoft’s AI Dashboard, in preview, can help identify potential errors and risk items in training data and models.

Sidebar explains how bias can creep into AI-enabled applications.

A new AI dashboard, in preview, can help organizations understand potential errors and bias in their models.

Azure Video Analyzer is being retired without leaving preview; possible migration destinations include Cognitive Services, Dynamics 365, or third-party solutions.

Bots, which can simplify application and service user interfaces, can be built using several offerings and hosted with the Azure Bot Service.

Roadmap for Azure Applied AI Services.

The Azure Bot Service speeds bot (digital agent) deployment on Azure, assists with publishing and managing bots, and could reduce costs to run bots