Sidebar compares the differences and similarities of data warehouses, data lakes, and the new architecture called data lakehouses.

Sidebar explains Azure Databricks components and deployment options.

Azure Databricks, an Apache-based analytics platform, introduces SQL-based query and structured data management features to appeal to traditional Microsoft customers.

Join Rob Sanfilippo and Andrew Snodgrass for a review of Microsoft’s Machine Learning landscape with a live Q & A session.

Azure Databricks is an analytics platform for designing and deploying machine-learning applications, for a fully hosted solution

Roadmap for Azure Databricks, a cloud service that simplifies deployment and scaling of Spark machine learning workloads.

Azure provides several Hadoop-based (Big Data) data management services, each providing specialized features with varying costs and configurations

Azure Databricks is a hosted service that simplifies the deployment and scaling of Databricks environments, a machine learning platform with collaboration and orchestration features