Cognitive Services and AI Applied Services are collections of prebuilt AI components that help speed development, compared to building capabilities manually.

Sidebar compares the differences and similarities of data warehouses, data lakes, and the new architecture called data lakehouses.

Sidebar explains Azure Databricks components and deployment options.

Azure Databricks, an Apache-based analytics platform, introduces SQL-based query and structured data management features to appeal to traditional Microsoft customers.

Join Rob Sanfilippo and Andrew Snodgrass for a review of Microsoft’s Machine Learning landscape with a live Q & A session.

Azure Databricks is an analytics platform for designing and deploying machine-learning applications, for a fully hosted solution

Roadmap for Azure Databricks, a cloud service that simplifies deployment and scaling of Spark machine learning workloads.

Azure provides several Hadoop-based (Big Data) data management services, each providing specialized features with varying costs and configurations

Azure Databricks is a hosted service that simplifies the deployment and scaling of Databricks environments, a machine learning platform with collaboration and orchestration features