Machine Learning

Screenshots show how Microsoft’s AI Dashboard, in preview, can help identify potential errors and risk items in training data and models.

Sidebar explains how bias can creep into AI-enabled applications.

A new AI dashboard, in preview, can help organizations understand potential errors and bias in their models.

Illustration shows a screenshot of Azure ML Studio.

Sidebar discusses Microsoft machine learning offerings outside of Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Machine Learning is a set of services and tools for building, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models that can be used by applications.

Machine learning, speech processing, and bot-building tools have received updates that could help organizations add or improve custom solution functionality

This Webinar provides a review of Microsoft’s Machine Learning Landscape.
Join Rob Sanfilippo and Andrew Snodgrass for a review of Microsoft’s Machine Learning landscape with a live Q & A session.

The Azure Machine Learning service has been updated with new tools and features that could make it applicable to more scenarios