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Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is previewing a vCore deployment option that provides better cost control and an easier lift-and-shift solution for migration to the service.

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Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL increases the storage limits of coordinator and worker nodes, improving throughput and helping control costs.

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Chart explains the similarities and differences in Azure PostgreSQL deployment options.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale gets a new name and moves to Cosmos DB with minimal impact; however, it lacks Cosmos DB’s data and security sharing advantages.

PostgreSQL and MySQL, two Azure open-source SQL offerings, increase deployment sizes to meet enterprise needs while Hyperscale moves to Cosmos DB with little notice or change.

Azure NoSQL offerings support several data types and address a functional gap in Microsoft’s own SQL Server product.

The chart compares Microsoft’s on-premises and hosted database management offerings, their query languages, and the data types they support.

Microsoft's database management landscape includes on-premises and cloud solutions with proprietary and open-source products that are designed for all enterprise data types and workloads.

Azure Cosmos DB adds Always Encrypted high-end security to protect sensitive data in transit using customer-managed keys, helping customers meet regulatory and policy requirements.

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