Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is a cloud data integration service that automates data queries, transformations, and storage from multiple data stores.

Azure Data Factory Native mode introduces Power Query support and SQL scripting to help developers onboard existing data transformation processes.

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services can impact the migration from SQL Server 2012, and new database trends and Azure offerings suggest customers should consider new alternatives.

Chart summarizes various integration technologies available in Microsoft cloud platforms.

Illustration shows a screenshot of Azure Data Factory.

Sidebar describes common problems encountered in data or application integration.

Organizations should understand the spectrum of data integration options available in Microsoft’s cloud and choose the one most suited for the needs of a given scenario.

Azure Data Factory Overview

Azure Data Factory’s continued investment in both Native mode and Integration Services provides a cloud solution to accommodate most enterprise requirements.

Azure Data Factory will retire Data Factory V1 in Aug. 2023; customers will face considerable rework to ensure V1 processes migrate properly.