Data Lake

Microsoft’s data lake services provide high-speed ingestion and global scaling and support open-source technology that make them viable options for enterprise applications.

Azure Data Lake Analytics is retiring on Feb. 29, 2024, when Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 1 retires, which is no surprise as Analytics has a dependency on ADLS Gen 1.

The chart compares Microsoft’s on-premises and hosted database offerings.

Sidebar explains the various data types and technologies used in Microsoft database management offerings.

Azure Data Lake Storage offers a new back-end option to improve performance and scalability and raises questions about the future of Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data Lake Storage provides scalable, peta-byte level storage and high-speed ingestion for unstructured data

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Azure provides several Hadoop-based (Big Data) data management services, each providing specialized features with varying costs and configurations

Roadmap for Azure Data Lake, a Microsoft cloud service for analyzing Big Data.

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Azure Data Lake provides scalable Big Data storage and computing services with a SQL-based interface to help leverage SQL skills to incorporate analysis in applications

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Illustration shows Azure Data Lake Store components and requirements

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