SQL Database

Azure SQL Database adds change data capture (CDC) capabilities to support more complex enterprise applications and brings the service closer to SQL Server parity.

Azure SQL Database increases database size limits on select performance tiers by 30%, potentially helping customers with large databases lower cost.

SQL Server 2012 leaves Extended support in July 2022; organizations need to migrate databases and applications or pay for Extended Support Updates to minimize risks.

Choosing the right Power BI platform requires understanding data management features and limitations on each platform.

Administrators may need to use both Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to manage SQL Server deployments for the next few years.

SQL Database Ledger provides blockchain control features that are most like those used in a consortium blockchain.

Azure SQL Database Ledger uses blockchain methods to secure shared database applications, but only by centrally hosting the data, transactions, and verification processes in Azure.

Chart compares Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance capacities, limits, and storage types.

Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance storage costs can easily surpass compute costs, requiring more planning to create realistic budgets.

Chart compares SQL Server database on-premises with SQL Server in Azure VMs, Azure SQL offerings, and Azure Synapse Analytics.