SQL Database

Azure SQL Database previews an emulator that can help developers create and test databases locally if they can accept the limitations.

SQL Server 2022 can use Azure Active Directory authentication directly, supporting new forms of authentication and removing dependencies on Windows domain controllers.

SQL Server 2012 left Extended support in July 2022, but customers have multiple migration options and a support program to extend the life of SQL Server deployments.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform is a marketing effort to promote new Azure database and analytic features and the upcoming SQL Server 2022 version.

Illustration shows the separation of database engine, log service, and data storage used by Azure SQL Database Hyperscale.

Azure SQL Database Hyperscale provides a scale-out cloud solution for large databases (up to 100TB), supporting multiple BI applications sharing the same database, to control cost.

SQL Server remains Microsoft’s preferred structured data technology; however, several open-source Azure services now compete with SQL Server, and one is available on-premises.

The chart compares Microsoft’s on-premises and hosted database management offerings, their query languages, and the data types they support.

Microsoft's database management landscape includes on-premises and cloud solutions with proprietary and open-source products that are designed for all enterprise data types and workloads.