Azure Portal

A feature in preview simplifies enabling Azure Hybrid Benefit across multiple SQL Server–based Azure resources, potentially helping customers cut costs.

Microsoft continues to push customers to Azure, and is reducing their investment in on-premises perpetual software; but organizations accustomed to System Center for data center management will have to adopt several services to duplicate functionality in Azure.

Azure Hybrid Benefit could reduce costs for customers using Azure SQL Server offerings, but tracking is required to ensure license compliance and to fully exploit the benefits.

Azure Hybrid Benefit promises substantial cost savings, but effective tracking is required to ensure licensing compliance and to fully exploit the benefits.

Illustration shows two Azure deployment hierarchy technologies that allow customers to manage Azure using logical models of business structures such as teams, regions, projects, and billing departments

Customer-defined Azure deployment hierarchies provide structure to management processes such as billing reporting and accountability, access control, and deployment policy compliance.

Illustration provides an overview of Azure Bastion architecture.

Azure Bastion, a new service in preview, offers a secured access point for customers to remotely access Azure VMs without exposing VMs to the Internet.

AppSource and Azure Marketplace allow third parties to publish products and services that extend Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365

Screen shots of AppSource and Azure Marketplace