Azure Resource Manager

Azure Managed Grafana (in preview) provides open source dashboards and alerts to monitor telemetry data from Azure resources, on-premises, and other clouds.

Azure Resource Manager templates can be managed as Azure resources, and a what-if function can help predict the effects of templates before they are deployed.

Illustration shows a common pattern for Azure staging.

Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment enable fast-moving application life cycles, bringing users regular updates and fixes.

Azure applications typically have a life cycle in which they are moved across deployment stages from development through production.

Illustration shows a screen shot of the Bicep Playground Web site.

Bicep is a new specialized programming language that could simplify the provisioning of Azure resources compared to working with ARM templates.

Tools can help customers move deployed Azure resources across subscriptions and resource groups for reasons such as logical organization and billing accountability.

Various tools help customers move deployed Azure resources to different regions, but Azure Resource Mover aims to unify the task.

Azure Lighthouse is a free set of management capabilities that helps Microsoft partners work with Azure customer deployments.