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Microsoft Defender for Cloud

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Microsoft’s family of Microsoft Defender security services require Internet connectivity back to Microsoft’s datacenters to work and offer no offline use model.

A new Microsoft Defender for Cloud service, Defender for APIs, is now available in preview.

A new paid tier of the cloud security posture management (CSPM) capabilities offered by Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud is generally available. Customers should ensure their resources are properly configured, to avoid surprise charges.

Microsoft has three new paid security services that could help identify potential attackers and threats, secure endpoints, and detect and respond to attacks on SAP infrastructure.

Several Microsoft Defender and other Microsoft security services can be used with AWS and GCP, and some can be used with on-premises infrastructure.

Multiple Microsoft antimalware offerings are available for Windows Server, ranging from unmanaged software to Azure subscription-based services, making feature comparisons difficult.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is not a single service, but an extensive family of paid security services primarily intended to secure Azure resources.

Although System Center is still being updated and supported, Microsoft is prioritizing investments in Azure-hosted management services.

Microsoft again announced renaming of most of its Azure security services in late 2021, echoing similar changes made in 2020.

Illustration shows Azure Security Center Secure Score for a collection of resources