Azure Blockchain will retire with a four-month notice (rather than the typical 12-month notification), requiring customers to quickly migrate data and ledgers off the service.

Sidebar explains the components in Microsoft’s Azure blockchain offering.

Azure Blockchain Service (in preview) provides an alternative to using third-party blockchain token services.

Illustration shows a screen shot of the Azure Blockchain Service.

Sidebar explains blockchain concepts and compares different blockchain types.

Sidebar explains the various Azure blockchain offerings.

Azure Blockchain Service (in preview) is a Microsoft-hosted offering that simplifies the configuration, deployment, and management of the underlying infrastructure, members, and data for controlled blockchains.

Azure Blockchain services provide development tools and third-party offerings to help customers build blockchain applications more quickly

A brief explanation of Blockchain concepts and configurations

Roadmap for Azure Blockchain (retired service) that enabled organizations to build distributed, secure blockchain applications.