Container Instances

Illustration shows a diagram of Azure Kubernetes Service.

Chart compares major Azure container hosting services.

Azure’s container hosting services continue to receive investment and new features.

Windows Server containers are offered in several varieties, and developers should choose containers carefully based on use scenario and where they will be deployed.

Windows Server containers are now supported, in production or preview, in most Azure services that host containerized applications but focus on Windows Server 2019 and still lag behind Linux-based containers.

Azure Container Registry is a managed container registry service, based on the open-source Docker Registry 2.0, that is hosted in Azure.

Azure has several offerings that support Docker containers, and the capabilities of the services can be differentiated by how they support different aspects of a potential deployment

A brief explanation of Docker container technology

Chart describes options for hosting and managing container-based applications in Azure

Azure serverless technologies, which span several services, continue to receive improvements