Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes Service now supports the Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaler (KEDA), an open source extension that scales AKS deployments in response to various triggers.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides an alternative Kubernetes orchestration platform to the existing Azure Kubernetes Service.

Azure Container Apps provide a serverless method for deploying Kubernetes clusters and applications.

Chart illustrates various features available in different Azure container hosting options.

Version 2 of the Windows Subsystem for Linux features support for developing, testing, and running Linux apps and, in Windows 11, for Linux GUIs.

Windows Server containers are offered in several varieties, and developers should choose containers carefully based on use scenario and where they will be deployed.

Chart explains various Microsoft options for hosting and supporting containers.

Illustration shows a schematic of the various components that make up an Azure Kubernetes solution.

Sidebar explains containers and microservices.

Sidebar explains the notion of containers and containerized applications.