Virtual Machines

Chart compares the capabilities of Azure generation 1 and generation 2 VMs against Hyper-V generation 2 VMs.

Sidebar summarizes Azure offerings for dedicated hosting, which customers may need for security, isolation, or licensing purposes.

Azure VMs continue to evolve with new capabilities and offerings to address emerging customer needs.

Roadmap for Azure Dedicated Host and Azure VMware Solution, which allow customers to rent dedicated hardware housed in Azure datacenters for their VM workloads.

Azure Automanage, now generally available, configures and deploys common management tasks for Azure VMs and Azure Arc enabled servers, and it has added support for Linux systems and greater customization.

Azure savings plan for compute, generally available as of Oct. 2022, could help customers save money on compute, but proceed carefully.

A new Azure Update management center in preview can manage updates for Windows Server and Linux server OSs on Azure VMs and Azure Arc enabled servers.

Azure VMs using Arm-based processors, now generally available, could offer greater performance at a lower price for Linux workloads.

In this Webinar, lead analyst Wes Miller and VMware panel Nicole Palko and Eric Horschman, discuss licensing of Microsoft software on Azure VMware Solution and the Azure licensing benefits that apply. 

A limited preview of Azure VMs using ARM-based processors could offer greater performance at a lower price for Linux workloads.