Virtual Networking

While most Azure resources and services can be assigned publicly accessible network addresses, multiple services exist to provide customers with secure or dedicated connections to Azure, or to use connectivity through the Microsoft network to connect an organization's branch offices.

Azure provides services to filter and monitor network traffic, including firewalls, protection against denial-of-service attacks, and management tools to centralize administration of network security.

Roadmap for network load balancing and analysis in Azure

Azure Space is a set of offerings and initiatives that apply Azure technologies to public and private sector space-related scenarios, such as collecting and analyzing satellite data.

Azure Firewall Manager, a hosted service to centralize management of cloud-based firewall solutions, is now generally available.

Metaswitch Networks has been acquired to expand Azure offerings for network operators.

Azure Edge Zones extends cloud services to the network edge.

Azure Private Link provides secure connectivity within Microsoft data centers.

This illustration compares a common customer network configuration before and after implementing Azure Private Link. 

Azure ExpressRoute offers dedicated connectivity to the Microsoft cloud.