Server and Cloud Enrollment

Server and Cloud Enrollment

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Chart shows five licensing scenarios for a 16-core host computer running Azure Stack HCI as the host OS and Windows Server as the guest OS.

Licensing the Azure Stack HCI OS in an Enterprise Agreement requires balancing cost, rights, and technical capabilities.

In this episode, Mary Jo Foley talks to veteran negotiator Dean Bedwell about Microsoft Enterprise Agreements.

Illustration shows the relationship and control customers have over the hierarchy of Microsoft agreements.

Microsoft uses several strategies and tactics to lead customers away from perpetual software licenses and into ever higher priced software and service subscriptions.

Negotiating Microsoft licensing agreements is a complex process that favors Microsoft and requires customers to devote resources and develop detailed analysis before negotiations begin.

A form EA (Enterprise Agreement) customers are contractually obligated to submit prior to each enrollment anniversary unless they submit an annual True-up order instead.

A form required when subscription licenses and/or SA coverage on perpetual licenses are being renewed or consolidated from multiple old contracts into a new EAenrollment.

A contract associated with an EA Agreement that commits a customer to specific purchase obligations across all or a part of their organization.

Contract that commits a customer to an organization-wide purchase obligation for select server-based products or developer tools in exchange for better per unit pricing and special subscription licensing options.