Demos of the Tools and Resources

 Below are 5 videos to help you get started using the Directions on Microsoft Member Portal.

1. Demo of Your DOM page (9:31). Find out how to get the most out of your personalized portal to the DOM Tools and Resources. You can customize Your DOM page to surface technology and licensing information relevant to your job.

2. Demo of DOM Roadmaps (7:09). Explore one of the key resources available to Directions on Microsoft Members, the DOM Roadmaps. These Roadmaps provide a consolidated, high-level view of all the products or services in a Microsoft technology stack so you can quickly understand how they relate to one another and spot any disruptive events that could impact your Microsoft technology and purchase decisions.

3. Demo of DOM Collections (5:24). Get familiar with three important Collections you have easy access to from Your DOM page: the most recent DOM reports in the Update Research Digest, the comprehensive Licensing Reference Set and the Analyst Webinars.

4. Demo of DOM Tools (6:45). Learn how to use the DOM menus and search tools to quickly find the information you’re looking for.

5. Demo of DOM Licensing Reference Set (5:03). Find out how to leverage the up-to-date wiki of clear explanations of current Microsoft licensing rules and purchasing programs to quickly answer your Microsoft licensing questions.