Get Started with Directions

Demos of the Directions Member Portal & Tools

Below are 10 videos to help you learn how to use the Directions Portal and tools.

1. Directions Snapshot (4:04). This snapshot video provides a tour of the entire suite of timesaving and confidence-boosting Information, Training, and Advisory services available to Directions members.

2. Your Directions Portal (4:06). How to use your Directions PORTAL to access Member Tools and Resources and customize to surface technology and licensing information relevant to your job.

3. On-Premises Roadmap (3:36). How to use the ON-PREMISES ROADMAP to understand current/future versions, the support status for each product, and when Microsoft may no longer support a product, forcing you to migrate.

4. Microsoft 365 Roadmap (3:47). Learn how to leverage the MICROSOFT 365 ROADMAP to understand these technologies and their likely evolution so you can manage your deployments proactively.

5. Azure Roadmap (4:04). Learn how to use this ROADMAP for the sprawling and rapidly expanding AZURE platform and how to organize its services in related workflows.

6. Research Reports (3:04). Learn how to use Directions RESEARCH REPORTS to quickly get up-to-speed on new Microsoft technologies and answer key questions in the most time-efficient way possible, saving you countless hours of effort.

7. Licensing Reference Set (4:15). Learn how to leverage the LICENSING REFERENCE SET to get clear explanations of current Microsoft licensing rules and programs and to quickly answer your questions with confidence.

8. Analyst Webinars (1:44). Get an overview of Directions' live monthly briefing with Directions' Microsoft analysts with Q&A, another way to get up-to-speed on new Microsoft technologies, roadmaps, and licensing policies that could impact your organization.

9. Decision Kits (1:35). Learn how to leverage DECISION KITS, aggregating all the relevant information on key Microsoft topics that are top-of-mind for most enterprise IT departments.

10. Directions Search Tool and Portal Menu (3:34). Learn how to use the Directions SEARCH TOOL and PORTAL MENUS. Also, get an overview of two other dimensions of the Directions service model, Training and Advisory.