What Makes Our Training Different?

No hidden agenda. We're not Microsoft or one of its LARs, so we don't have a vested interest in how much software your company buys. And we're not a software asset management vendor or consultant, so we don't have a vested interested in selling you a SAM solution or a consulting project. We're educators. Our sole mission is to equip you to be your own best advocate when it comes to licensing Microsoft software.

Focus and depth. Unlike many companies that offer Microsoft licensing training, we're not a one-man shop. Nor are we a side business of a much larger company. We're an independent analyst firm focused exclusively on Microsoft since 1992. Our experts have decades of industry experience and an institutional understanding of Microsoft technologies and how they're licensed. In terms of focus and depth of knowledge, no other company even comes close.

Backed by research. We back up our training with the best set of Microsoft licensing information resources available. These include in-depth licensing guides for each key product and a monthly licensing update service that keeps you abreast of significant changes in Microsoft licensing policies—detailed and objective information that will reinforce and sustain everything you learn at our seminar.

Microsoft licensing can be overwhelming, to say the least! Hearing from independent experts who have no personal stake in my decisions is of extreme value. I was able to take off the 'negotiating' hat, which is always present when speaking to vendors.

Directions on Microsoft is amazing. We have never had a resource on licensing that even comes close to what you provide.