What's It Worth to You?

Ever wonder if licensing training is worthwhile? Sometimes you can get free training from your software vendor or reseller. Sometimes you can hire a consultant to review your situation and give you negotiating advice.

Well, that's not what we do. We train you in the fundamentals of Microsoft licensing and negotiation from A to Z so that you can develop your own expertise. By the end of our Boot Camp, you'll have the in-house knowledge you need to avoid tens-of-thousands of dollars in unnecessary licensing costs. And if you do decide to hire a consultant, you'll quickly know if the advice you're getting is sound.

No one can possibly know everything about Microsoft licensing. But you can get close enough to protect your investments. We'll help you master the ground rules, spot new opportunities for savings, and know what licensing traps to avoid as you plan new projects. You'll be far better-prepared and far more confident whenever you engage with your Microsoft or one of their resellers. Isn't it worth it?

The Licensing Boot Camp was an incredible help in pulling it all together just in time for contract renewal. Without it I would be making uninformed decisions that would have left the company in a noncompliance or overpurchase situation.