Why Attend a Licensing Boot Camp?

You already know this better than anyone: Microsoft licensing presents an overwhelming array of programs and choices, each with its own set of implications that could seriously impact your IT operations, budgets, and plans. Making the wrong choice can cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, expose you to legal risk because of noncompliance. Gain confidence in your choices and network with your peers to get an insider's knowledge of how to find the answers your team needs for any licensing scenario.

Everyone will leave with:

  • At least one tip that, by itself, more than pays for this course
  • A to-do list of action items
  • A reference guide to consult afterward
  • Useful new peer contacts

Microsoft licensing newcomers will learn:

  • Microsoft's licensing vocabulary and concepts
  • How Microsoft's major products are licensed
  • How the different volume licensing programs work
  • A framework on which to build your licensing expertise

Microsoft licensing veterans will:

  • Validate what you already know
  • Fill in any gaps in your Microsoft licensing knowledge
  • Get up-to-date on recent shifts in Microsoft licensing policies

Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp Training is absolutely essential for anyone who deals with Microsoft licensing. The course is taught by the most knowledgeable professionals, the course material is timely and succinct, and the overall experience is positive. We moved to a win-win relationship with Microsoft now that we understand the licensing rules. I highly recommend Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp Training to anyone who has direct or indirect responsibility for insuring that your organization is compliant with Microsoft licensing rules.

John Meiers, Sourcing Leader, H&R Block

Although the topic of licensing can be dry, complicated, and exhausting, the "Licensing Fundamentals" section of the course was well written, current, and turned on the light bulb in all areas.

Lyle Arsenault, Manager, IT Administration, Husky Energy