Policies and Practices

In this episode, Mary Jo Foley chats with Directions on Microsoft founders Rob Horwitz and Jeff Parker who started their company 30 years ago.

“Core rights” for Californians under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be honored by Microsoft across the United States.

Licensing security components of the Microsoft 365 E5 suite on an à la carte basis is becoming more challenging.

Chart shows how Microsoft sales and technical field roles are related to business units.

Customers can better leverage Microsoft's substantial marketing, sales, and technical resources if they understand how the field teams fit into the company's overall organization.

Microsoft’s Open License program will end on Dec. 31, 2021. Customers cannot buy new licenses or renew SA on licenses purchased through that program after that date.

Projects to consolidate server licenses are low-risk, high-return efforts that reduce costs and should be near the top of project lists.

Illustration shows the relationship and control customers have over the hierarchy of Microsoft agreements.

Microsoft uses several strategies and tactics to lead customers away from perpetual software licenses and into ever higher priced software and service subscriptions.

Negotiating Microsoft licensing agreements is a complex process that favors Microsoft and requires customers to devote resources and develop detailed analysis before negotiations begin.