Member Feedback

So glad to be back with Directions. You don’t know how much I missed being a subscriber for the last year. What you all do is utterly unique.”

The Directions on Microsoft portal makes our lives as easy as possible, arming us with the critical information we need to make sound decisions in a fraction of the time it used to take before we had this tool.

We view Directions on Microsoft (DOM) as an extension of our IT organization. They provide highly-curated content about Microsoft technologies, roadmaps, and licensing that we wished our team could mine on their own—but struggle with because of an already taxed workload. DOM’s trusted information and insights allow us to save time and focus on what’s important to our organization while providing actionable intelligence to leadership and decision makers.

Directions on Microsoft has been our Go-To resource for researching new and complex Microsoft licensing. Their presentation of information is a time saver when having to dissect the complexities of licensing Microsoft products. Prior to utilizing their service, we were spending long periods of time having to scour thru the Microsoft Product Terms, Whitepapers, and Licensing guides to decipher best practices for proper licensing and full compliance. The clarity of information, and relationship between multiple Microsoft licensing SKU’s, as well as the strategy behind many of the product use changes and roadmaps, has proven invaluable in leveraging our licensing spend and total compliance.

We have found this relationship to be one of the most useful ones we ever had.

Sometimes I know the answer to something, but want to discuss it with a colleague first. You are like that colleague.

Your licensing information and webinars are great. Crisp, detailed, and comprehensive. Far better than anything we get from our reseller or Microsoft.

I am a Directions at Microsoft member and I can’t even begin to tell you how often I refer to your class materials and online guides to help me every day. Thank You!

The membership has been excellent and a lot more useful after the session we had to go through its key features. The roadmaps are particularly relevant to provide information to our pre-sales solutions team that can have relevant conversations with clients when meeting with them.

Directions on Microsoft delivers invaluable licensing or roadmap content. We highly appreciate DOM services in the context of our SAM consulting and licensing management services.

Microsoft does a masterful job of confusing their customers and partners, but DOM is able to sort through the minutiae and surface the information our company needs to make good decisions. Many thanks to DOM for simplifying Microsoft!

You guys have Microsoft covered like no other organization does.

There’s so much GOOD information about Microsoft being published by DOM, including Microsoft licensing parameters and important related details. The DOM team always presents their extensive analysis and thorough research in explanations that, along with examples, permits the customer to read and understand.

We spend about $700,000 on MS licensing annually. My boss previously handled it all. He retired. Without DOM, I am not sure what I would have done. Further, I recently watched a DOM webinar on Identity Management. It's refreshing to get an overview that explains it without too many details.

DOM is an invaluable tool that lets us jump start our evaluations of new Microsoft technologies and intelligently navigate complicated Microsoft licensing agreements.

If you rely on Microsoft for critical IT infrastructure, the information provided by Directions on Microsoft is invaluable and you should not be without it. They concentrate solely on Microsoft, enabling them to have a holistic, integrated, and undistracted view of Microsoft’s portfolio, strategy, and product direction. The breadth of coverage and the depth of detail are unmatched by any other analyst firm and it would be a bargain at 10X the price.

DOM is fantastic. The knowledge I gain from DOM allows me to nail down the details for our Microsoft technology strategy and kick the proverbial goal where others falter.

Wherever I go and to whomever I talk to about Microsoft licensing, I will tell them to both attend your boot camps and take the membership! DOM has been an invaluable resource to me.

I am a member to your service and have attended several of your boot camps. The information you provide is timely and much easier to work with than anything that is available direct from Microsoft.

Directions on Microsoft is a site I log onto daily to help me in my position as a Licensing Solutions Specialist. DOM and its people are one of a kind.

Directions on Microsoft is full of information about the Microsoft Office applications, services, systems management, security, identity management, and operating systems. Each publication is chock-full of articles explaining precisely how the products are changing and detailing what functionality to expect within them. There is no bias toward Microsoft in the articles just straight facts with timely and concise information about the products. Also, the articles and charts are well written and easy to understand for individuals that are technically based or executives with high level views.

I have been using Directions on Microsoft for more years than I can remember. I rely on this incredibly valuable resource to stay in the know and stay ahead.

We’re currently going through an audit with Microsoft and CDW and the licensing guides are extremely helpful. I only wish we signed up earlier to avoid all the hassles.

Your SQL Server licensing report helped me see the limitation of our approach. Our investment in your service pays dividends at each touch with Directions on Microsoft.

Awesome product, awesome information.

I was at Microsoft for 22 years and relied on DOM to understand what was going on outside my business group. I’ve since left Microsoft and am responsible for all IT projects at Tree Top, but I am still dependent on DOM for an understanding of the MS Stack, Roadmap and in-depth technology articles.

I renew my membership because the information I get from Directions is very useful versus trying to source it on the web. I can see each month what is happening and what we need to upgrade.

I initially wondered if I would really use Directions as I am a Gartner seat holder as well. Directions does a great job of presenting information specific to Microsoft that Gartner isn’t — information you can't easily find in any other source.

I ask nearly every customer if they have DOM and say "Go to DOM first and if found there, no need to go further." Your Microsoft licensing guides and roadmaps are exceptional.

There is no better source for information on the directions Microsoft is moving and why. As a member, you have access to some of the best minds in the business to help you sort through your organization's specific needs concerning Microsoft. At Tangent, we find this service indispensable.

I learn more about Microsoft through your service than I've ever been able to find through any other source, including Gartner.

Directions on Microsoft is amazing. We have never had a resource on licensing that even comes close to what you provide.

One of my biggest challenges with Microsoft is keeping current on its technology. Directions on Microsoft gives me all the IT information I need about Microsoft in one service that I would otherwise have to find in many other places. I always keep the latest copy in my briefcase and this saves time and helps me make better, faster decisions because I don't have to review multiple sources. I rely on Directions on Microsoft to keep current on what Microsoft is doing because it is independent, trustworthy and just the strategic advice I need.

I find all the information shared by Directions on Microsoft to be extremely helpful. It is an important resource we use to build our vision about Microsoft enterprise solutions.

At IVENT we spend a great deal of time and money making sure that we carefully manage our Microsoft technology and licenses. It’s critical to our success that we have a strong understanding of Microsoft licensing so we can implement current and plan future initiatives in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Your Boot Camp provided us with clear, understandable explanations on key Microsoft products. You have made our jobs a lot easier and now we can focus on other things using the time that we’ve saved.

I was introduced to Directions on Microsoft by a colleague. It immediately helped cut through the "fog of information" I get from the internet as I try to put all of the Microsoft initiatives in place and keep abreast of what is coming or is already here. Directions recently won me some points with our CIO when I used it to point to features in SharePoint that gave us a better way to do a current job.

Our DOM membership delivers value and helps us to reduce our information management costs through the application of accurate and timely information gained from the research reports, and product updates.

The data and knowledge we get from DOM helps us align with Microsoft strategy. DOM also gives us timely and useful insights about Microsoft to share with our customers and helps Zones to take on more of a consultative role with our valued clients.

Directions on Microsoft is essential reading for any Microsoft-centric executive or technologist. It provides critical, concise and time sensitive information surrounding key aspects of Microsoft technologies, licensing programs, organizational structures, technology roadmaps and trends. A must-have for any executive or technologist to effectively and efficiently manage and implement Microsoft solutions.

I rely on your service to give me the edited version of Microsoft that is independent and credible. Your publications tell me precisely what I need to know about Microsoft including product roadmaps, management organization changes, pricing and competitive strategy—why they are doing it and what is the benefit. Directions on Microsoft has literally saved me hours and hours of time. For example, I used your research to get my IT clients on the same page as the pricing guys so we could roll out our project—on time and under budget.

Having read many editions of Directions on Microsoft, I can honestly say the licensing content is truly first-class and has been an invaluable resource in providing me with detailed and accurate licensing information and answers that I have been unable to find anywhere else.

There are many ways to stay up-to-date with Microsoft technology and strategy. It just so happens that Directions on Microsoft has always been my favorite because of its detailed coverage yet simplistic presentation.

Directions on Microsoft proved extremely useful during an infrastructure refresh programme for research on and validation of remaining with Microsoft products.

The Boot Camp underlined how little I actually know about Microsoft licensing and the complexities involved. The presentations were very well organized, presented and complete. I will continue to use the information as we evaluate our pending renewal agreements.

Directions costs fifty times what a subscription to some tech news magazine costs and for someone serious about driving Microsoft technology, it is worth every penny.

Avoiding a dead-end technology is a challenging task without in-depth analysis and market understanding. Research from Directions on Microsoft helps me maximize my investments in Microsoft technology and saves me valuable time and money.

We run IT programs with budgets of eight, nine, ten digits a year. Your software roadmaps and licensing guides provide exactly what our project managers and CIOs need to intelligently plan our IT technology transitions and budget for our Microsoft licensing agreements.

The Licensing Boot Camp event provided excellent advice and references on a complex subject.

In my line of work, I rely on having the best information available about Microsoft technology and strategy so I can provide superior service to my clients. The quality and depth of the research I get from Directions on Microsoft is unparalleled and its independence is one of the most important reasons why I’m a member. There’s nothing else as good out there.

I worked at Microsoft for 18 years as a technical strategist. I continue to rely on Directions on Microsoft to give me peek over the horizon so I know where Microsoft technologies are heading. Keep up the great work!

Although the topic of licensing can be dry, complicated, and exhaustive, the "Licensing Fundamentals" section of the course was well written, current, and turned on the lightbulb in all areas.

I am very impressed with the Directions on Microsoft Roadmap. For the first time I have a clear understanding of Microsoft’s major product groups and their timetables -- technologies that are central to our business. Your work is the Rosetta Stone of deciphering Microsoft. With this basis of understanding, we can stay on top of our own evolving IT needs.

I find having access to the analyst briefings invaluable. They are always well presented and contain the information I need in a timely fashion. I’ve yet to have anything but a great experience with any services you offer. Keep up the good work!

Although I have had many years in the IT field, I am new to Microsoft licensing and some of this stuff can be overwhelming. Attending your Boot Camp validated my thinking on some of the key concepts and really helped me get a solid foundation of knowledge in order to help my company maximize our investments in Microsoft technology. Even several weeks later, I am still reaping rewards from taking it!

We were very impressed by the recent analyst call. We've always known that Directions has a very capable team and we get exceptional value from your monthly updates.

Before attending your Licensing Boot Camp, I would architect Microsoft landscapes without the benefit of licensing expertise. Now that I have the fundamentals, I will design more effective solutions that not only take advantage of Microsoft's technology but its business policies or licensing restrictions as well. This will result in our saving money on unplanned or avoidable Microsoft license fees. Thank you!

Recently, I was after some detailed information about the Systems Center Configuration Manager roadmap. An integrator sent through some information that you had put together. It was the first time someone clearly explained the Microsoft Roadmap. Even our Microsoft representatives cannot articulate it as well as you did. I signed up the next day.

Microsoft licensing can be overwhelming, to say the least! Hearing from independent experts who have no personal stake in my decisions is of extreme value. I was able to take off the 'negotiating' hat, which is always present when speaking to vendors. The networking at the Boot Camp was invaluable too. I came away feeling that I built new business relationships and generated future business opportunities.

I love the articles, especially the reports focusing on SharePoint 2010. They empower our technical team to implement critical features and develop strategic plans that tie in with the Microsoft Roadmap.

It's my job to be our company's Microsoft licensing expert and I've always relied on Directions on Microsoft for objective and factual information. I just returned from your licensing boot camp in Las Vegas and must say that I've never received that level of detailed training anywhere else.

The Update, Research and Roadmap are always on my desk for quick reference. These materials have saved me countless hours of research and enabled me to form strong opinions and strategies around Microsoft functionalities and licensing.

The Licensing Boot Camp was a great experience! Very educational and the meeting logistics were spot-on.

The Boot Camp helped confirm things that I've learned over the years. I also picked up on some new things. I found the training exceptionally useful.

We rely daily on Directions on Microsoft . . . you are essential to keeping up with Microsoft.

Even as extremely well-connected Microsoft alumni, we would be lost trying to navigate Microsoft without Directions.