Member Use Rights

We welcome you, the Licensed Directions on Microsoft (DOM) user, to open as many DOM documents as you like for your own personal use. Your member use right privileges cannot be shared in any way, including but not limited to:

  • With non-Users; or
  • Via email, intranet posting, or other information storage & retrieval systems.
  • Via photocopy or any other form of hard copy replication.

If your job role requires you to share DOM internally with your colleagues, you may:

  • Briefly summarize* the DOM document in your own words for your project team or senior-level decision maker
  • Include small excerpt* of DOM document (e.g., a few lines of text not to exceed 5 sentences, a paragraph, or a specific graphic) in an internal report or presentation (attributing DOM as the source).
  • Attribute the excerpt in the same context that it appears as follows: “Excerpted by permission from Directions on Microsoft:”

 * IMPORTANT: Such a summary or excerpt is acceptable so long as it is:

  • not done on a systematic or routine basis (e.g., by a Licensed User who consistently distributes a periodic summary or excerpt of DOM document or who leverages a company business process that allows non-Users to routinely access DOM documents.)
  • limited to an internal audience (only) of no more than 10 people; and
  • not done with the intent or effect of avoiding the purchase of additional DOM User licenses.

  • If you have any questions about acceptable use rights for your DOM membership, please email