Dynamics 365 CRM

Customer Service is replacing Intraday Insights with a new tool, resulting in a need for customers to adopt the new solution or develop custom reports before support for Intraday Insights ends in six months.

The Copilot brand is being applied to multiple services; however, Copilot is not a single technology or cohesive toolset, and customers should evaluate each Copilot feature separately.

Dynamics 365 Copilot is a new branding label Microsoft is applying to several Dynamics 365 AI-based features already in preview and scheduled for release.

Illustration shows the Dynamics 365 CRM timeline, highlighting significant changes, the rollout periods for Major service updates, stand-alone service availability, and retirements.

Dynamics 365 CRM applications are scheduled to receive user-productivity updates and several AI-related features that bring benefits but also new legal risks.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise includes rights to Viva Sales at no cost; a service that shares customer data between Office applications and Dynamics 365, reducing manual efforts.

Timeline shows upcoming version releases and support retirements for Dynamics 365 cloud and on-premises versions.

Roadmap summary for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, a cloud service designed to improve sales and customer service efforts by consolidating customer data.

Roadmap summary for Dynamics 365 Field Service, a cloud service that provides features for field service teams.

Roadmap summary for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, a cloud service for help desks and call centers.