Viva, MyAnalytics, & Workplace Analytics

Viva, MyAnalytics, & Workplace Analytics

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Illustration shows a chart of SharePoint Framework versions, which platforms can use which releases, and the Node.js version required for each.

Roadmap for Viva Insights, which provides personal insights about individual and team productivity as an app in Teams for individual contributors, managers, and organizational leaders.
Roadmap for Viva Learning, a Teams app that offers “agile learning”: custom training content provided to individuals based on signals from Microsoft Graph.
Roadmap for Viva Connections, which provides personalized news, conversations, and other resources within a Teams tab and on mobile devices.
Roadmap for Microsoft Viva, a suite that includes apps for personal insights and analytics, learning, curated artificial intelligence topics, and organizational news
Roadmap for Viva Topics, a knowledge management system that organizes content across Microsoft 365.

Workplace analytics tools may help individual contributors and managers identify office productivity blockers.

Microsoft Viva combines several existing collaboration services as Teams apps

Chart lists Microsoft's major collaboration offerings and Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft investment in each format.

Microsoft Graph provides a Web API and other services for developers to programmatically access Microsoft 365 data and services.