Project Service

Project for the Web now supports advanced task dependencies supported by Project Online and Project Desktop, removing a barrier and enabling import and tracking of complex projects.

While Project for the Web will eventually replace Project Online, options are currently limited for organizations that want to migrate existing projects.

Project for the Web, Microsoft’s hosted project management service, receives regular updates that bring it closer to parity with Project Online, which is no longer seeing updates.

Guest users are now supported by Project for the Web, enabling outside users to view or interact with projects depending on the license assigned.

Project for the Web can now provide a view of a project’s critical path, but the feature is limited to more expensive subscriptions.

Project for the Web is adding direct import of Microsoft Project (.mpp) files to help migration, but not all capabilities of Project Desktop are supported.

Client software for for the older Project line.

Illustration shows main services for task and project management.

Illustration shows main services for task and project management.

Task and project management development at Microsoft has coalesced around three online services.