SharePoint Online

Microsoft Syntex uses machine learning to extract information from documents stored in a SharePoint library.

Chart shows software and migration tool compatibility for SharePoint Server versions.

Two tools from Microsoft can help migrate most simple SharePoint sites from on-premises to SharePoint Online.

Roadmap for Microsoft Lists, a set of information-tracking applications based on SharePoint lists.

The SharePoint Framework can be used to customize SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Connections, but incompatible versions could limit some customizations.

Illustration shows a chart of SharePoint Framework versions, which platforms can use which releases, and the Node.js version required for each.

Illustration shows the Power Automate designer in the context of a SharePoint Online customization.

SharePoint Online can be customized with Power Apps and Power Automate, which replace some older technologies.

SharePoint hybrid deployments can solve feature and migration timing issues but will likely increase complexity and licensing costs.