Video & Stream

Chart compares the major capabilities and limitations of live events, Teams meetings, and Teams webinars.

Live events will move exclusively to Teams, and live events in Stream and Yammer will be retired in Sept. 2023.

Stream (Classic), the previous iteration of the Stream video-streaming service that used Azure for storage, will be shut down on Feb. 15, 2024.

Plans for a new version of Stream, Microsoft’s hosted video platform, will provide better integration with Microsoft 365 storage and security but require migration.

People timeline, which generated a timeline of individuals in a video recording, will be retired started June 1, 2020.

Screen shot shows a Live Event being produced from within Microsoft Teams.

Screen shot shows a live event being created from within Microsoft Teams.

Chart compares capabilities of Teams video conferences and live events.

Stream live events enable video broadcasts to larger audiences than Teams video conferences using a variety of recording software and equipment, but has limited interactivity.

Stream, a Microsoft-hosted video service that is slated to replace Office 365 Video, will receive enhancements that could make it more attractive compared to consumer video-hosting solutions.