Yammer, Microsoft’s social service, will be discontinued in 2023.

Roadmap for Viva Engage, a social connections module of the Viva suite that will replace Yammer.

Chart lists Microsoft's major collaboration offerings and Directions on Microsoft's forecast of future Microsoft investment in each format.

Chart illustrates collaboration services that are part of Microsoft 365, and where they are most effective.

Microsoft 365 collaboration services vary in scope and suitability to task.

The Yammer service has been relaunched to provide shared-interest collaboration spaces.

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Many Office 365 services are on by default; therefore, organizations should understand the impact of these offerings and how to turn them off.

Yammer continues to receive incremental improvements, but most new feature development focuses on Teams

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Roadmap for the many collaboration features of Microsoft 365 that are being replaced or enhanced by functionality based on Microsoft 365 Groups.