Power Apps & Power Automate

Power Platform services are available for US Government customers, with limitations similar to other services in sovereign clouds.

Power Automate flows and Power Apps applications can be owned by service accounts: non-human users with their own credentials.

Illustration shows two automation scenarios and who receives value from each.

Illustration shows three licensing scenarios for Power Automate flows.

Chart shows licensing options for Power Pages.

Power Pages provides low-code, data-driven Web sites as part of the Power Platform.

Chart explains the options for licensing Power Automate, which offers per-user, per-flow, and pay-as-you-go options.

Power Automate is introducing an option for consumption-based billing, which could lessen the need for user-based plans and help with license compliance.

In this Webinar, Joshua Trupin discusses what organizations must do to keep Power Platform from outpacing their ability to manage it.

Directions on Microsoft analyst Joshua Trupin joins Mary-Jo Foley to discuss some of the licensing traps and complexities that every company needs to know about before adopting Power Platform.