Power Apps & Power Automate

In this Webinar, Joshua Trupin discusses what organizations must do to keep Power Platform from outpacing their ability to manage it.

Technical issues and incompatibilities make remote Office automation a last choice.

Illustration shows several automation scenarios for a line-of-business task and the licensing requirements for each.

Sidebar explains how remote process automation can be run.

A license that allows Windows and Office to be automated without user intervention is useful for limited scenarios.

Illustration shows two Power Automate licensing scenarios, in which a small adjustment can make a major difference in licensing costs.

Newly clarified licensing rules could mean that Power Automate licenses are needed in additional scenarios.

Screen shot shows a simple Power Automate flow being created and how easily licensing requirements change.

Sidebar explains the difference between per-user and per-flow Power Automate licenses.

Chart shows daily usage limits for Power Platform license types, before and after strict enforcement begins in 2022.