Microsoft Graph

Chart shows the Microsoft 365 and other services that are accessible from the Microsoft Graph API.

Microsoft Graph provides interfaces for programming, search data import, and data export for analysis.

Illustration shows a screen shot of Graph Explorer, a Web app that lets administrators test calls to the Microsoft Graph.

The Microsoft Graph Security API consolidates security data reporting into a single Web endpoint.

Microsoft Graph provides a Web API and other services for developers to programmatically access Microsoft 365 data and services.

Many Office 365 services are on by default; therefore, organizations should understand the impact of these offerings and how to turn them off.

Roadmap for Delve and Office Graph, the Office 365 search and discovery technologies.

Delve and Office Graph can help users discover people and documents and promote collaboration while helping organizations understand and communicate with employees

Illustration shows Delve-managed feeds on a user profile site in Office 365