Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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A range of considerations and complications can come into play when planning for a deployment of shared devices. This collection of reports discuss a range of licensing and technology considerations that organizations may want to take into account to ensure their shared devices are properly licensed and ideally deployed.

Microsoft again announced renaming of some of its client security services in late 2021, echoing similar changes made in 2020.

This Webinar discusses Microsoft 365 hosted management and security services, how well each service protects a given endpoint platform, integration points between Microsoft 365 services and potential pitfalls of partial licensing.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 offers the same capabilities across most OSs, but a few features are exclusive to Windows.

Most Microsoft 365 services offer different capabilities, depending on the platform being managed. Each of the seven reports in this kit examines the capabilities that a different Microsoft 365 service offers to each platform it supports.

Office 365 includes hosted security filtering services designed to block unwanted and malicious e-mail and documents.

The recently released Microsoft 365 E5 Security suite includes all of the security services that were previously restricted to the Microsoft 365 E5 suite.

Chart describes the three categories of security services included in Microsoft 365 E5 Security and related suites.