Conditional launch, an Intune feature, allows organizations to vet mobile devices and applications when an application is launched to help keep organizational data secure.

The first Configuration Manager release of 2022 includes several changes that highlight the product’s increased dependence on Intune, while improving the administration experience.

Roadmap for the Enterprise Mobility + Security suites of subscription services, which include Premium editions of Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, as well as Intune and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (formerly Microsoft Cloud App Security).

Remote Help, a new add-on capability for Intune, lets administrators connect to a remote Windows device to help a user needing assistance.

Remote Help, a new capability in preview for Intune, will let administrators connect to a remote Windows device to help a user needing assistance.

Microsoft announced that Linux client management will be added to Intune during 2022, but the initial feature set will be quite limited.

A new Intune capability in preview, called custom compliance, will let conditional access query any Windows configuration setting, and it will be available for Linux soon.

Azure Active Directory includes numerous features to enable interoperability with Active Directory on-premises, Microsoft 365 and third-party applications, and enable administration of AAD users and groups. Some additional services can help improve AAD security, at additional cost. Each of the reports in this kit discusses different features, technologies, or additional services that help with AAD management and security.

Intune role-based access control allows administration of Intune-managed devices and management policy sets.

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