Videos to view prior to attending the Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp.

If you are joining the online Licensing Boot Camp, please watch this short video on accessing the webinar and our in-session procedural details.

Licensing Boot Camp GoToWebinar Setup video covers a few tips which will improve your ability to interact with the presenters and remove potential points of frustration. Download the pdf here.

Licensing Boot Camp GoToWebinar Setup (5:45)

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 Below are 4 videos for you to view prior to attending the Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp.

1. Product Use Rights and Rules presentation covers fundamental Microsoft licensing terms you must understand to get full value from your Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp. Download the pdf here.

2. Windows Client OS presentation covers how Microsoft packages Windows into different versions and editions, how organizations acquire licenses for them, what VDI is, and why organizations find VDI alluring. Download the pdf here.

3. Office Application Suites presentation covers Office Professional Plus and Office 365 ProPlus licensing models. Download the pdf here.

4. Group Collaboration presentation covers the types of features Microsoft’s collaboration platforms provide, of the major technological differences between the old on-premises server-based platform and the new online services platform. Download the pdf here.