Microsoft Licensing Training Attendee Feedback

From the office client suites, to the helpful illustrations on Dynamics licensing, to running Windows Server on a VM, the boot camp had great information that we can leverage when we go through our next EA renewal.

I would like to thank you for the whole training, for quickly answering my questions, and for the documentation and links you provided. I definitely found the training to be valuable and it will help me manage our EA.

I have found DOM highly enlightening, and a provider of invaluable information related to Microsoft roadmaps, licenses and general easy-to-decipher information.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp has helped us a lot. We are now in a much better position to negotiate our contract terms.

The knowledge and perspective gained from this training will help us better manage our Microsoft relationship.

The information at this training was extremely helpful.

The entire boot camp, from all of the helpful charts and illustrations, to the quality of the presenters and moderator, exceeded my expectations. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who needs to advance their understanding of Microsoft licensing.

Still learned a great deal even though it was my second time attending the class. I highly recommend Directions to my industry peers.

As a person who is new to Microsoft Licensing, I thought the course was excellent. I now know what to expect in our EA Renewal, and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to use!

Your company has provided more information on licensing in 2 days than MS has in the last 10 years.

You and your team have taken very confusing, dry material and presented it in a way that was not only educational but entertaining!

A great course that is worth every penny!

The Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp was much more informative and useful for a novice than I expected.

I thought the entire class was outstanding! I’m new to Microsoft licensing and was able to keep up and understand most of the material. Kudos to the team!

The daily 4-hour virtual schedule times worked great. It definitely improved my overall knowledge of Microsoft licensing and pitfalls to be aware of.

This Boot Camp, combined with the Microsoft Licensing Reference Set on the DOM website, provided me with the information and insight I need to address our Microsoft licensing more strategically and prepare for our upcoming EA negotiation.

Great refresher on MS license rules plus new gotcha's that I have not seen or heard about before! It is good to hear the other participants feedback for things that were unknown or problem areas.

I have many years experience with Microsoft licensing but you always learn something new or refresh knowledge or gain a new perspective.

I liked it a lot and I took away a good many things that should help us moving forward, especially in regards to EA negotiation tactics.

As someone who has attended an in-person DOM Boot Camp in the past, I definitely recommend the online training as well. The online format exceeded my expectations.

It was very helpful to better understand SQL Server and how to deploy licenses, this was an area of concern for me.

This training has helped me understand the evolution of Office 365 licensing. Overall, the boot camp and EA workshop gave me a lot of great information and renewed confidence.

It's all really valuable and useful. I have mostly a technical background with leadership and architecture, so this gives me the details to properly architect and account financially for solutions.

The EA Workshop addressed my needs very well and gave me more ideas on how to prepare for the negotiation.

This training solidified my knowledge of Microsoft licensing and will be really helpful in our upcoming renewal.

With Microsoft being a huge vendor at my organization, this training really helps me with my day-to-day operations.

This training addressed my needs well and helped to clarify our current licensing position.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp is overwhelming but the quality of the information is very good. If we need Audit Support or EA Negotiation Services we know DOM is there to help.

The EA workshop provided a great overview of the negotiation process and what to expect.

As a newcomer to the licensing space, the LBC helped put structure to the various aspects of MS licensing.

Outstanding information and instruction. This will help in our EA Renewal.

The Boot Camp helped to fill in critical gaps in my Microsoft licensing knowledge.

The LBC added much more information to my repository; some action items were created.

This boot camp was very beneficial. It showed me what to look for to ensure we are in compliance and helped me to ask our Microsoft VAR the right questions.

This training definitely increased my knowledge and put me in a much better position to review our current state and negotiate our next EA agreement.

The MS Licensing Boot Camp and EA Negotiation Class were extremely helpful to me in my role as IT Asset Manager. I’ve increased my knowledge greatly and gained important information I can use for the next EA Renewal.

I'm new to it all and learned a great deal. I found the most useful takeaway was understanding all of the pieces of M365 and EA. We have an upcoming renewal and I will be able to contribute significantly now.

This training was very informative, very detailed, and very understandable; it covered a lot of the questions that I had. I feel like I will be able to confidently walk into our contract negotiations.

This training was great for my job, I now have a better understanding of contracts and rules.

The Licensing Boot Camp showed me how to build self-audit processes. I will drive our new self-audit process to prep for our next audit.

I was completely green to all of this. The Boot Camp licensing training helped build out my limited knowledge base; it was a great foundation for me. I needed this baseline to set conditions for the future.

Learning the specifics of Microsoft 365 plans was very useful; it will help me figure out our licensing strategy for M365.

After taking this Licensing Boot Camp, I will work to be more prepared for our renewal. The EA Negotiation Workshop provided validation for past negotiations and points for the future.

The EA Negotiation Workshop is great and very detailed with lots of examples for what to do. I feel like I have the information to negotiate our upcoming EA and I'm better prepared.

Great information was provided in the Boot Camp to help better prepare for our EA renewal. The negotiation points in EA Contract language were especially useful and provided great ideas on what to ask for and what to negotiate. I also liked the ability to network with boot camp peers.

I found the area of Azure hybrid use rights to be the most useful. What Microsoft 365 suites include, and how to get there, was also helpful. Now that I've taken this training, I'll be more confident in my recommendations.

I could never have imagined that this material could be not only informative, but interesting. You and your team have taken very confusing, dry material and presented it in a way that was not only educational but entertaining! Who knew these days could have flown by so fast!

This training was very helpful—good grounding for someone with very limited experience.

The boot camp provided a good understanding of the licensing and EA ecosystem.

This training was a good refresher and I came away with some valuable new information.

This event addressed my needs very well. It confirmed my current knowledge and helped fill gaps in Office 365 requirements.

Provided information which addresses my understanding and insanity!

I’ve learned nuances and tips I didn’t know before.

This training covered all of the key areas of Microsoft licensing, and it’s given me much more insight into what MS is doing.

The boot camp was a good refresher and it helps keep me up to date.

The Boot Camp gave me helpful information to combine with new terms and conditions under our Microsoft EA.

The training definitely helped me professionally, I am more confident with the Microsoft Organization and the different levels of control.

This is my third time attending and it is all starting to click. I feel so much more prepared to negotiate and manage our EA & License compliance.

The EA Negotiation Class gave me lots of great ideas for negotiation.

This was my second LBC. The quality of the instruction is amazing and each time I came away with valuable information and knowledge that helps me make better Microsoft licensing decisions.

Lots of great information. It helped us understand all the things we need to gather and do. Helped me gain a lot of knowledge and familiarity with the terminology.

This is an amazing course that covers a large amount of critical material in a short time.

The Boot Camp exceeded my needs and has helped me to formulate a more effective strategy; I am thinking more strategically now. The EA Negotiation Workshop is very targeted, very informative, and an excellent value. I am now better informed to address a number of operational concerns.

The content was right on. Learn the proper ways to license SQL and VM. Added information to build on what I knew already coming in.

Great insight on negotiation information. Answered several questions that I’ve had over the years. I should be able to take what I’ve learned and make an immediate positive impact for my company.

Our tech teams are going to love the knowledge I can share from the first two days and today’s negotiation workshop is giving me great approaches for the upcoming renewal. Incredibly knowledgeable team and comprehensive training.

Increased awareness and concern. Great content and process.

The workshop helped me understand what to expect. A lot of these concepts also apply to other software vendors.

The workshop showed me a lot of ways I could possibly save. It helped with negotiation skills.

The workshop provided very good insight on how to deal with Microsoft during negotiations.

Exceptional level of useful information about every scenario in my world.

I enjoyed the training and believe anyone who works with MS closely should at least take one of the training courses you offer.

I was able to cross-check to make sure we are compliant in our current agreement and also learnt pros and cons for different go-forward options.

I feel 100% more confident on how to manage and deal with my resellers.

The training was very helpful. I learned some tricks about preparing to negotiate my next EA.

This was very informative, particularly as it relates to Microsoft’s motivations and direction.

The training addressed my needs very well. I am much more knowledgeable about the Microsoft products, licensing, contracts, best practices and gotchas.

This is my 3rd time here – I’m learning something new every time. Well worth the money!

Every time I come, I learn something new. The workshop completely changed the way I looked at negotiating. I put too much trust in our reseller.

My main goal of attending the Boot Camp was to better understand M365-E3. This was great information! I have attended the past 2 years and hope to attend next year as well. DOM does a fantastic job of explaining licensing.

We license everything old school. I learned that this option will be harder as time goes by, so the subscription offering information was useful. I attended the workshop for information only, we don’t have an EA agreement. However, the workshop did verify my suspicion that it’s Microsoft’s fault that licensing is so confusing and not my inability to learn.

Overall a very good training. Complete & pedagogic in its content. Very skilled presenters.

This is my 3rd camp. It gave me a better foundation in subscription metrics.

This negotiation workshop was exactly what I was looking for. The coverage was excellent, it included all I hoped for.

It was a great course and worth each penny.

Great updates to the way Microsoft licenses. Second time here; says enough.

What I learned at the Boot Camp was invaluable. I only wish I knew it a year ago, before we started our licensing talks with Microsoft.

The training provided helpful areas to look into regarding our current licenses and brought to focus how things are changing in the near future.

Training was outstanding. I only wish we had come sooner.

Excellent course! It validated a lot of what I thought I knew, and I learned a lot about things I’ve barely touched. We are planning to move to O365, there is a lot more to consider than I initially realized.

Loved the EA Renewals and SAM presentation! The boot camp reaffirmed a lot of what I thought I knew and helped answer several questions I had. The negotiation section was awesome!

The presenters were honest, relatable, and kept it entertaining with great examples and analogies.

This is my 3rd Boot Camp. I still feel I learn something new each time.

Lots of great information, I understand it better every year.

“The LBC addressed my needs very well, it helped fill in gaps and answered questions I had.

Great workshop! The topics were arranged and presented in a logical format. Very well done. I’ll be back.

The event addressed all of my needs and many more. I came away enlightened.

I represent the technical side of our EA decisions. Thi s boot camp equipped me to better align our technical roadmap to our licensing strategy to benefit us financially.

This was time well spent. The Enterprise Agreements, EA Renewals, and SAM sections were in-depth and provided good tips and understanding regarding Microsoft workings. Thanks.

You made a dreadful subject understandable and even entertaining. You guys are extremely knowledgeable and very good at presenting the topics.

This class helped me get a much better understanding of the technical implications of certain types of licenses along with ramifications of contract language. It was extremely useful and I would recommend the course to everyone who needs to understand the complete Microsoft licensing picture.

The course has already paid for itself as no sooner had I returned to the office I was inundated with Microsoft licensing questions. The advice I was able to provide from what I had learned saved the organisation quite a lot of money, which can now be channelled into other projects — a massive boon in the public sector where funding is ever decreasing!

Very detailed and many questions answered. Most importantly, I have the LBC slides that I’ll be using as a guide until I take the class again next year.

Even though I had already attended the Boot Camp in 2016, the 2017 training was — once again — very valuable. Microsoft keeps changing the fineprint of their licensing rules and Directions on Microsoft keeps track of all these changes better than anyone else.

Although I was initially apprehensive about the cost, this class was worth every penny and more. The depth, knowledge, experience and delivery of the DOM team is phenomenal. Rob, Wes and Dean expertly break down a complicated topic into easily digestible information and immediately actionable knowledge.

This was my third DOM Licensing Boot Camp. I always leave with information I didn’t know and new ideas about what we should be doing in regards to our Microsoft licensing strategy.

This is a great class, but a ton of information to digest in just two days. I should have brought someone else from my company.

Thank you for all of your help getting me into this great class! It was an extremely illuminating experience that has certainly left me with a long list of to-do’s.

Thanks so much for your very valuable training. The quality of the content was excellent and will significantly improve our upcoming contract renewal preparation and implementation.

If you need help maneuvering through the Microsoft licensing maze, here's your solution. The two day session is packed with so much information it can be challenging to assimilate, but the knowledgeable instructors and clear and concise class materials really help you to sort it all out.

I finally took the opportunity to attend your Licensing Boot Camp – and what a camp it was! From the moment following introductions, the information just flowed. The Directions team delivered insight that every company who uses Microsoft products needs to know. From sharing tips on how to stay in compliance, to ways to approach a negotiation, how to compliment the delivery of the product while meeting the required licensing parameters, strategizing for a renewal, preparing for a true-up and surviving a SAM – all the information was high value.

Quite unlike my historical approach to licensing which can be fairly described as filled with fear & loathing, I actually eagerly await my next licensing exercise.

Lots of information to digest but all very helpful. Definitely worth the time and money. The venue and food were excellent.

Worth every penny.

I have walked away from other training classes questioning the value, but not in this case. The class was very well organized with detailed non-obvious information.

The boot camp was excellent. The knowledge and value I gained on Microsoft licensing more than justified the cost.

The boot camp was very helpful. The content covered all major areas of Microsoft licensing and I really liked the way it was presented.

Thank you for all the information you shared at the training! I found much value in the training and am already experiencing a great deal of advantage using the knowledge.

I found the trainers to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and informative. They took the time to answer all questions, no matter how simple or complicated. For example, I did not have a fully comprehensive understanding of how the SQL licensing worked, which I now do. I highly recommend this training and please pass on my thanks to the team.

The Licensing Boot Camp was very good. Very impressive agenda covering to my knowledge all relevant Volume Licensing aspects.

The Boot Camp was very informational and has really helped me to offer input during project and contract discussions with my peers and MS account team. Many others have shown interest in the class and attending the class annually. We’re really looking forward to the updates to your site with the definitions and changes.

The boot camp was time well spent. Lots of valuable information. Answered some important questions and generated new questions. We’re looking forward to using the licensing info published on the DOM site.

I just finished the Boot Camp in New York. I will probably attend again in a couple of years and one of my coworkers should take the boot camp sooner than that. Rob was GREAT!!! I wish I had an ounce of his Microsoft intelligence.

To be direct - holy cow - was there ever a lot of information presented. Your company possesses a wealth of information and the manner in which it was presented was excellent. I am still learning and re-reading the material presented.

The boot camp was GREAT, well organized and very professional. The material presented was definitely high value and a must for licensing professionals. The DOM training is highly recommended to everyone dealing with Microsoft software licensing.

It was a great program and I learned a lot of useful tips and tricks. Rob and Wes were amazing and it was great to network with other professionals who are dealing with the same issues.

As I'm certain you hear every time you put on a boot camp, "I had no idea". We now have a lot of work ahead of us to use our new understanding of Microsoft licensing rules to assess of our current state, fix any gaps, and then develop a roadmap that keeps us compliant going forward.

I found the class to be extremely informative. The quality and quantity of the content surpassed my expectations. The instructors were not only knowledgeable of the subject matter, they were engaging and skilled in their presentation, of what could easily be very dry content. I would consider attending again every couple of years, just to keep abreast of Microsoft’s evolving licensing model.

The boot camp was fabulous – beyond my expectations! The value of the information from the workshop was top notch. I never expected to walk away with so much knowledge that I can use every day, and I would recommend this workshop to anyone that works with Microsoft licensing.

I found the instructors to be seriously educated and two of the nicest guys I have ever encountered for this level of training.

Absolutely great information. I need to take this course on a regular basis.

The knowledge this group has, around all aspects of Microsoft licensing, is amazing. This training would be beneficial to ANYONE making decisions on how a company will implement or use Microsoft products.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and got a LOT out of it. I am going to recommend this training whenever I can.

We travelled from Australia to attend your licensing boot camp, which is exceptional. Even at a cumulative cost of close to $20,000 for flights, accommodations, etc. we’re confident we will get a significant return on our investment.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp in London was outstanding. Having the opportunity to network with the other delegates was invaluable too.

This class is the equivalent of a PhD in Microsoft licensing. It was a tremendous experience and I will highly recommend the workshop to my colleagues.

The instructors did a great job of explaining very complex Microsoft licensing rules in a way that non-technical people can understand. The training both validated that we are well-covered with our current licensing strategy and gave me several things to consider before our next EA renewal. I am glad I attended and plan to attend again in the future.

Rob and Wes did a great job of addressing the core issues of everyone’s Microsoft Licensing questions. The class was well-structured and from my conversations with my neighbors, we all left with a much better understanding of a complicated topic.

The class delivered the information I needed at just the right level with none of the confusing jargon that seems to litter most discussions about Microsoft licensing.

Excellent course! We spent most of last week reviewing and applying our new knowledge.

The Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp gave me the resources and confidence I need to enforce new policies and strategies necessary to achieve licensing compliance.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp was a wonderful investment of my time. The information provided was fantastic, easy to absorb and helped to clear up a number of issues that I have been struggling with regarding Microsoft licensing.

As we change our internal IT strategy and technologies, we have to stay aware of the effect it will have on Microsoft licensing. The Boot Camp is the best way I know to make sure we understand the current rules so we don't get out of compliance and expose ourselves to an audit. We subscribe to your online and hardcopy licensing guides which helps fill-in between Boot Camps.

Thanks to the Directions on Microsoft Boot Camps I feel that I am prepared for anything that can be thrown at me by Microsoft or my end-users. I keep coming back to get all the up-to-date knowledge I need to effectively manage our Microsoft licenses, distribution and governance and to make certain we have all our ducks-in-a-row in case we're audited.

I saved our company over $50K upon my return from my first Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp. I'm back because Microsoft licensing changes all the time and I need to make sure I keep up to date with the new rules and how they impact us.

Newly identified cost savings have already paid for the course. I was buying SA and MDOP for every new pc we purchased. I learned in class that the license could be transferred.

We received a lot of useful tips and insights so I feel much more confident for our contract renewal in March.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp is the most in-depth and extensive review of Microsoft Licensing I have ever received from any source.

It was a great refresher having attended a DOM licensing boot camp a couple of years ago. It gave me an action plan for both compliance and strategic licensing decisions for my organization.

Microsoft Licensing is complicated but this class really broke it all down and made it understandable. Especially helpful for those with a non-technical background.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone that has to deal with the complications of Microsoft licensing, whether they’re technical or procurement.

The Directions on Microsoft licensing boot camp training is excellent. Rob Horwitz is a fantastic teacher.

The DOM licensing boot camp was a great experience. In combination with the valuable materials we received, I feel much more equipped for my daily Microsoft business.

The licensing boot camp was both educational and fun. I came away with a lot of helpful, practical advice that changed my attitude about the whole process. You guys have a great team and I really appreciate all that you did to make it such a successful event.

Microsoft licensing is such a complex process. The Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp was a wonderful way to dig into the nuances and learn critical information about how to maintain compliance, and to learn strategies for not over-licensing.

Thank you all for the hard work and dedication that went into making this such a great training! I gained so much from this course and I am excited to spread the word about what I discovered.

I highly recommend the Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp to anyone looking to strengthen their grasp on Microsoft licensing. The investment is well worth every penny.

Directions on Microsoft really puts on a great licensing boot camp. Two days seems too long until you get there and dive in. Then it’s almost too short. The training is well worth the time and money.

I highly recommend attending Direction on Microsoft’s Boot Camp for Microsoft Licensing. This information-packed seminar provided me with a vast amount of information on Microsoft Licensing that I am already using to procure the most appropriate and cost effective licenses for my organization. The DOM Boot Camp also provided me with the knowledge for being fully compliant with Microsoft’s Licensing standards to put us in the best position possible for future Microsoft audits.

Anyone involved with Microsoft licensing needs to attend the Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp. This 2 day course not only provides the foundation of what you need to know about Microsoft Licensing but expands upon what you already might know. I recommend this course for both the beginner and the advanced seasoned professional for Microsoft licensing on an annual basis. Don’t ever think you know Microsoft licensing. It changes to much for anyone to truly know it in its entirety. That is where DOM training comes in to educate you on what you need to know!

Great to attend another boot camp and be brought back up to speed on all of the licensing changes Microsoft has made in the past year. I have a list of about eight things to look into that may save us money, so this definitely is a huge value and will pay for itself, probably several times over.

The Licensing Boot Camp was very informative and well worth the investment.

I was very impressed with the licensing boot camp in New York. Rob and Curtis did an amazing job. I learned a lot and will probably attend this seminar annually.

I've already attended the DOM Boot Camp twice. It has helped me to achieve my Microsoft licensing goals, make important decisions for my organization, and provide better licensing solutions to our clients.

The training was excellent. This is the second Boot Camp I’ve attended and I found it just as beneficial as the first, if not more! We have never had a resource on licensing that even comes close to what you provide.

The Boot Camp was perfect. Loved everything about it. I will be using all the information provided in the training. This event really exceeded my expectations.

I’m fairly new to Microsoft licensing and I found the Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp to be extremely helpful in gaining an understanding of the agreements that we already have with Microsoft and what we need to look at going forward. The sessions were jam-packed with useful information that was presented in an interesting, organized, and efficient manner. The presenters were truly experts and were willing to answer any questions that we had.

Thank you for putting on a great event. I feel like I am ready to get involved in the decision making or at least know where to find the information to help our executives make decisions. I can’t think of anything more I would have wanted out of this course other than another day or two.

I learned everything I was hoping to and much more.

The best seminar I have ever attended in terms of content relevancy, knowledge and expertise of the instructors, quality of the materials, and delivery.

The training was exceptionally informative and provided in-depth coverage of Microsoft licensing.

Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp training is absolutely essential for anyone who deals with Microsoft licensing. The course is taught by the most knowledgeable professionals, the course material is timely and succinct, and the overall experience is positive. The best thing about this training is that you not only gain expertise about Microsoft licensing, but if you apply what you have learned it can lead to a better relationship with Microsoft and your LAR. I highly recommend Directions on Microsoft Boot Camp Training to anyone who has direct or indirect responsibility for insuring that your organization is compliant with Microsoft licensing rules.

Making the complex and convoluted easy to understand.

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp has been EXTREMELY useful. The presenters were exceptionally knowledgeable and easy to listen to and made the class interesting and fun. I’ve already emailed the VP of Procurement and we’ve agreed to both come back next year together so we can learn more!

The Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp was both insightful and intense. Great instructors, information, Q&A, and networking. Throughout the boot camp, the instructors are pointing out immediate ways in which you can get a return on investment. I would recommend this to anyone that is involved with Microsoft licensing.

The Licensing Boot Camp is an eye-opening experience. The quality of instruction is excellent. The amount of information received is amazing and delivers an immediate return on investment.

Any size company that purchases and installs Microsoft software really needs a third-party perspective to keep everyone on a level playing field. Directions on Microsoft and its Licensing Boot Camp does this with plain English explanations of the licensing terms, use rights, and volume licensing agreements, as well as real-life situations introduced not only by the seminar leaders but also the participants. I heartily recommend this class to technical architects, software asset managers, and purchasing personnel.

As a licensing neophyte and someone whose role is not focused on this topic, the Licensing Boot Camp provided great exposure to the overly complicated world of software licensing. In just two days, I have a pretty good grasp of all the factors in play for our company’s Microsoft licensing decisions.

The sessions provided a wealth of relevant content, and the discussions helped reinforce the learnings. I strongly encourage anyone involved with Microsoft licensing to attend these Boot Camps, and well before their agreements expire.

I'm part of the General Services Administration in the SmartBUY program. Our mission is to streamline and obtain savings for the acquisition of software throughout the government. The Boot Camp training and materials have been hugely helpful.

The Boot Camp helped me to understand the intricacies of the options out there for all the different Enterprise products. I learned some good tips about interacting with the LAR's too. If your company is going to purchase or renew with Microsoft, I highly recommend it!

Great experience. I feel much more advanced in my understanding and confident of how to ensure our compliance.

While the information presented is great, being in a room full of people trying to understand Microsoft licensing is priceless! I’ve picked up new information each time I’ve attended this Boot Camp.

The Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp provides both the experienced and the entry level license administrator, procurement professional or IT manager with a wealth of information and ideas. Given all of the Microsoft license changes that take place on a yearly basis, attending this boot camp has an immediate payback for any company that is invested in Microsoft's enterprise licensing programs.

The class was very informative. I now feel I can work more intelligently with my Microsoft sales representative.

I really liked how the content was organized and explained. I am new to licensing and didn't know what I didn't know. This course has been very useful in helping me understand areas where I need to research further for myself as well as what I need to take back to my firm for review.

I have been managing software for over 12 years for a wide range of companies and Microsoft has been a major part of every software asset management program I have set up. With all the changes in the Microsoft licensing programs, this was a great refresher class for me.

This course answered all my questions! I had high expectations and the conference met them. It also gave me some valuable tips to take back with me. I will surely recommend this event to my network of software asset management peers in Sweden.

At IVENT we spend a great deal of time and money making sure that we carefully manage our Microsoft technology and licenses. It’s critical to our success that we have a strong understanding of Microsoft licensing so we can implement current and plan future initiatives in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Your Licensing Boot Camp provided us with clear, understandable explanations on key Microsoft products. You have made our jobs a lot easier and now we can focus on other things using the time that we’ve saved.

The boot camp underlined how little I actually know about Microsoft licensing and the complexities involved. The presentations were very well organized, presented and complete. I will continue to use the information as we evaluate our pending renewal

The Licensing Boot Camp event provided excellent advice and references on a complex subject.

Although the topic of licensing can be dry, complicated, and exhausting, the "Licensing Fundamentals" section of the course was well written, current, and turned on the light bulb in all areas.

Although I have had many years in the IT field, I am new to Microsoft licensing and some of this stuff can be overwhelming. Attending your Boot Camp validated my thinking on some of the key concepts and really helped me get a solid foundation of knowledge in order to help my company maximize our investments in Microsoft technology. Even several weeks later, I am still reaping rewards from taking it!

Before attending your Licensing Boot Camp, I would architect Microsoft landscapes without the benefit of licensing expertise. Now that I have the fundamentals, I will design more effective solutions that not only take advantage of Microsoft's technology but its business policies or licensing restrictions as well. This will result in our saving money on unplanned or avoidable Microsoft license fees. Thank you!

Microsoft licensing can be overwhelming, to say the least! Hearing from independent experts who have no personal stake in my decisions is of extreme value. I was able to take off the 'negotiating' hat, which is always present when speaking to vendors. The networking at the Boot Camp was invaluable too. I came away feeling that I built new business relationships and generated future business opportunities.

It's my job to be our company's Microsoft licensing expert and I've always relied on Directions on Microsoft for objective and factual information. I just returned from your licensing boot camp in Las Vegas and must say that I've never received that level of detailed training anywhere else.

The Licensing Boot Camp was a great experience! Very educational and the meeting logistics were spot-on.

The Boot Camp helped confirm things that I've learned over the years. I also picked up on some new things. I found the training exceptionally useful.

The Boot Camp gave me a great understanding of Microsoft Product Licensing, tips on how best to handle an EA, and specific knowledge I'll use to advise to our clients.

The material covered, the questions answered, and group interaction significantly contributed to my preparation and readiness for our upcoming MS EA/Select renewal. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is involved with their company's Microsoft licensing decisions.

I would like to thank your team for the quality time I spent at Barcelona Licensing Boot Camp. It was very much informative and very helpful for my day to day tasks. I have shared my experience to my colleagues and encouraged them to participate in the next boot camp .

This boot camp provided me with a solid foundation and will be a tremendous asset while I work through the complexities of my company's Microsoft licensing. The presentations were very well organized, complete and those presenting were well prepared. I will continue to use the information as we evaluate our pending true up and preparation for next year's renewal agreements.

The session was easy to follow and improved my understanding of MS products and what to look for and ask for.

Super informative! Questions were handled perfectly. Rob and Curtis knew almost everything asked, and if they didn't know, they made sure to find out.

The Boot Camp did a great job explaining the different topics. Well organized.

The presentations were well organized and informative. Questions were answered effectively and taken off-line when appropriate rather than derailing the class to help one or two people.

Good summary of a complex topic. Good overview with proper depth. Great speakers, very knowledgeable.

Eye-opening experience with lots of good information. This is a great event and well-paced.

The Boot Camp confirmed things I already knew and helped me realize where I need to focus more attention. I now feel prepared to discuss next steps with my team.

I learned more about CALs than I previously knew. I found the information to be top quality.

Our organization just renewed our EA. This event has helped me better understand the different CALs that an EA could cover for volume licensing.