Microsoft Product Roadmaps

All-in-one-place reference reports that summarize essential facts about Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services.

All four regularly updated Roadmaps consolidate essential information about a major area of Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services and on-premises product offerings, and include:

  • Product & technology overviews, expected improvements and new features, and key use scenarios
  • Release/retirement dates, support lifecycle deadlines, and other potentially disruptive changes
  • Changes to product naming/branding and terminology
  • Product interdependencies and overlapping functionality, and their potential implications
  • Pointers to Directions on Microsoft reports and other resources for additional depth

Microsoft 365

Details all Microsoft 365 branded suites and their software & online service subcomponents (browse list), such as Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise and Teams, as well as related add-on services customers may need to augment their Microsoft 365 installations.

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Details Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings (browse list) for compute and networking, Web and mobile, analytics, management and backup, data storage and access, and application integration.

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On-Premises Software

Details traditional software for on-premises deployment (browse list) including Windows operating systems, desktop applications, server-based productivity applications, databases, management and security products, and developer tools.

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Dynamics 365

Details Customer Engagement Online applications such as Sales and Customer Service, Operations Online applications such as Finance and Commerce, and comparable on-premises offerings.

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