Exchange Server

Many Microsoft’s on-premises products are receiving limited investment, and customers may want to consider limiting their own investments in licensing those products, accordingly.

End of support for current versions of Windows, Office, and other Microsoft software requires immediate attention.

Exchange Online will cut ties with some older on-premises technologies in 2023.

Organizations should migrate from Exchange Server 2013 to Exchange Online or a later Exchange Server version as quickly as possible.

Chart summarizes differences among desktop clients from Microsoft for Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Chart summarizes differences among Web and mobile clients from Microsoft for Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Illustration shows support status for Exchange Server’s current and likely future versions.

Exchange Server’s next and possibly last version will not appear until 2025.

Exchange Server cumulative updates released Apr. 2022 include Windows Server 2022 support and hybrid management improvements for Exchange Server 2019.

Developers must choose between APIs for Exchange Server and Exchange Online based on mailbox hosting, features, and long-term prospects.