SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 BI and integration will interest only customers with legacy multi-dimensional models or customers adopting Power BI and Azure hosted services.

Kit brings together resources to help evaluate the various Power BI components and hosting options.

The updated Azure Migrate service adds VMware and Hyper-V migration tools from Microsoft and third parties to existing discovery and assessment services.

Power BI’s strategy to be a one-stop shop for BI continues with new enterprise features, support for SQL Server Analysis Services data models, and plans for external sharing.

Compares an existing Java application and database architecture with a new SQL Server 2019 architecture incorporating the Java data-processing application.

SQL Server 2019 adds support for Java and opens access for using more languages, which could help migrate workloads to SQL Server and improve performance and security, but at a cost.

Azure SQL Edge is a small-footprint deployment option for IoT devices and other edge scenarios that require SQL Server processing and storage.

The expanding set of Power BI report design tools brings more enterprise controls and support for traditional paginated reports, but migration from older reporting tools is laborious.

Screen shot shows the Power BI portal Web client.

Power BI client investment is focused on the portal and mobile applications, which receive new features beneficial for enterprises.