Other Developer Tools

Roadmap for Visual Studio Code

Windows could be the best choice as a development environment because it can be used to develop for most popular platforms.

Salus is an open-source Microsoft tool for generating software bills of materials.

Windows Package Manager 1.0, which became generally available in May 2021, may help organizations deploy in-house developed applications.

Quantum computing hardware and software research projects continue at Microsoft

The WebMatrix Web site development and publishing tool is discontinued, and support for it will end on Nov. 1, 2017

The CodePlex source code sharing Web site will be shut down on Dec. 15, 2017

TypeScript is an open source, Microsoft-designed superset of JavaScript that adds programming elements to help build large-scale Web applications

The TypeScript Playground allows developers to enter TypeScript code and view the equivalent JavaScript code produced by the TypeScript compiler

Methods to develop Office-based solutions vary in their capabilities and the amount of future investment they are likely to get from Microsoft