Other Runtimes & APIs

An update to the Windows App SDK adds new WinUI support and the ability to reduce the size of .NET-based apps and develop widgets.

The Windows App SDK allows developers to build Windows applications with the latest UI elements and possibly upgrade older applications.

Windows could be the best choice as a development environment because it can be used to develop for most popular platforms.

Project Reunion will allow developers to build Windows applications by combining API frameworks that have been mutually exclusive.

.NET Core 3.0 adds support for building desktop applications using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms.

.NET 5, planned for 2020, will merge current .NET offerings into one runtime and API library, which could help developers and IT staff.

A Progressive Web App is a Web application that includes specialized elements to merge the browser and native application experience.

A collection of software and services aims to enable new capabilities for users with multiple devices

Roadmap for Office Add-ins, Visual Basic 6.0, and other supported runtimes and APIs.