Windows 10

Microsoft delivered a new model for managing the password for the local administrator account in the latest versions of Windows and Windows Server.

Windows 10 and 11 will cost less to license in some virtual desktop infrastructures, but Amazon Web Services, Google, Alibaba, and their customers will not benefit.

A range of considerations and complications can come into play when planning for a deployment of shared devices. This collection of reports discuss a range of licensing and technology considerations that organizations may want to take into account to ensure their shared devices are properly licensed and ideally deployed.

A series of on-premises software will leave support in 2025 and 2026, pushing customers toward subscription-based software.

Deciding which edition of Windows 10 best meets an organization’s client OS needs involves making several key decisions. This kit summarizes the key decisions and provides links to greater detail in Directions of Microsoft reports and resources to aid in the decision-making process.

Although Subscription Activation provides limited value to organizations today, it may become required as Microsoft pushes organizations to Windows subscription licenses.

Windows 10 is available in an increasing range of editions, each of which adds additional features to the edition below it

Eight different subscriptions license Windows 10 Enterprise and provide use rights necessary to fully exploit it.
This Webinar summarizes how Microsoft has engineered licensing rules, feature packaging, support lifecycles, servicing models, hardware support, and other factors to compel large organizations to move to a Windows 10 Enterprise subscription and offers advice on how best to license it. The Webinar draws on material from the two-day Directions on Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp.